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Media Ignores Iran Protests

The American news media is ignoring the latest Iran protests.  They have been ignoring plenty of news.  A new study of what the major broadcasters have been talking about on their evening news programs has been shocking.  Media networks ABC, CBS and NBC have recently aired some 890 minutes of news about the Congress trying to impeach President Donald Trump.  Under 200 minutes about the drone strike which killed Iranian General Qasem Soleimani.  Hardly any coverage on the protests following Iran's admission to shooting down a Ukrainian air liner.  Only 9 minutes of coverage about our splendid economy.  Media bias did cover demonstrations in Iran protesting the death of Soleimani.  But when the people of Iran got angry at their own government instead of America and Trump, the Fake News Media went silent.


What else would you expect?  Media bias requires the cowards to shy away from any positive news.  If America or Trump has a good day, then so-called journalists run and hide.  Consider outfits like MSNBC which provided live coverage of the Iranian demonstrations against the Trump administration.  They even falsely reported the death of some 30 Americans when Iran struck back, launching 16 missiles at U.S. bases in Iraq.  There were none killed during those attacks.  No wounded, either!  CNN, not to be outdone, gave airtime to a woman who was part of the group of Iranians holding 52 American hostages back in 1979-1980 during the infamous U.S. embassy hostage crisis.  Back then, she told a TV camera crew that she was willing to kill a helpless hostage.  Now, she wanted blood for the death of Soleimani.

Now, those mass demonstrations were largely ginned up by the Iranian government.  Schools and businesses were ordered to be emptied or face imprisonment.  Then, on Saturday, the government admitted to accidently shooting down an Ukrainian air liner, killing over 170 crew and passengers.  The Iranian air defense was on high alert that night as the government was launching missiles towards Iraq.  A team manning a Russian-built anti-aircraft missile battery got a bit trigger happy, and fired upon the air liner thinking it was a U.S. cruise missile.  Once the government admitted to the mistake, thousands took to the street calling for the Iranian governments leaders to resign.  The protesters were even chanting slogans about how Soleimani was a murderer.

Indeed he was!  Just months ago, Soleimani and his Quds Force helped put down street protests against the high cost of gasoline in Iran.  Some 1,500 Iranians were gunned down in the streets and another 7,000 were arrested, beaten and tortured.  Again, our news media did not cover that much as it had nothing to do with Trump and the latest phony investigation into alleged quid-pro-quo with Ukraine.  Strange how Ukraine is now part of the story again.  This time as a genuine victim of an attack by an enemy of America, and Donald Trump.  Our news media will not acknowledge that fact.  Instead, they drag out Iranian apologists like John Kerry, still trying to defend how Barack Obama and he gave Iran some $150 Billion dollars, including $1.8 Billion in physical cash.  Money that went to funding terrorists and surrogates fighting against America and Israel.  

As Iran protesters chant against their government, calling them dictators and liars, they could easily say the same about our Fake News Media. The type of tyranny being practiced by our news media is shameful.  It explains why their ratings are shrinking.  The institution of journalism in America is highly biased and corrupt.  One can only speculate just how awful they will react when President Trump wins reelection this November.

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