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Media Ignores Bad Hillary Clinton News

The Fake News Media routinely reports fictitious stories against President Donald Trump daily. Yet, in the past 48 hours, several stories which cast a bad light on Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and James Comey were hardly covered. Perhaps the worst of these was a report by The Hill confirming much of what author Peter Schweitzer had written about in his book, ″Clinton Cash″. The Hill reports that the FBI had investigated the Russian company Rosatom from 2009 through 2010 on bribery, extortion, kickbacks and money laundering in connection to the Uranium One deal. A deal approved by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama which gave the Russian firm some 20% of our uranium ore reserves. Rosatom had been a major contributor to the Clinton Foundation charity organization, giving them millions of dollars. A Moscow bank associated with Rosatom paid Bill Clinton $500,000 for giving a speech.




Yet, ABC, CBS and NBC News did not cover this story at all Tuesday evening! Nor has much attention been given to several other news reports which are not favorable to Liberal Democrats. The FBI released a full copy of a draft memo James Comey had circulated in early May exonerating Hillary Clinton from any criminal wrong doing in the mishandling of classified material. The so-called Hillary Email Scandal. This memo was written by Comey about two months before the alleged FBI investigation was completed. Even before key members of Hillary′s staff, including Hillary herself, were interviewed. During testimony before Congress in September, 2016, James Comey may have lied when asked about drawing an early conclusions.


In the past 48 hours, we also have more news concerning the alleged Russian hacking of our election systems. A report from Homeland Security about how 21 states had there election systems hacked by Russia had already been proven to be in error after Wisconsin revealed that their system was never hacked. That a different computer network had been scanned for vulnerabilities which had nothing to do with voters or elections. The new report adds additional states which now say they were not hacked, either. The impact of this seems to indicate that American journalists are over eager to believe any story which may cast doubt on the election outcome.


There are other examples, such as those surrounding the British firm Fusion GPS which was the source for the infamous ′Trump Dossier′. A document which alleged that Donald Trump had done some bizarre things while in Russia during a Miss Universe pageant. This document was responsible for the whole Russia-Trump collusion story. However, the document has long since been debunked and discredited. Now, the heads of Fusion GPS say they will refuse to talk with Congress, or take the 5th Amendment if forced to testify. Fusion GPS has ties to the Democratic Party and the Clinton campaign inner circle, as well as allegedly to Russia, Ukraine and Venezuela.


The Fake News Media does continue to promote stories about Robert Mueller′s probe into the Russia-Trump story, even expanding into possible obstruction of justice allegations. But, as we have seen in just the past 48 hours, not only is there no real evidence of any collusion, neither is there any evidence of obstructing justice by by Trump campaign or administration. Given what we know today, even the firing of James Comey from the FBI is even more validated than before. Comey is looking more and more like a lying, political hack who may have tried to obstruct justice himself to the benefit of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.


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