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Media Collusion Against Trump

by Andrew Zarowny, 8/17/2018


Some 350 newspapers coordinated their editorials to attack President Donald Trump. This blatant exercise in Media collusion and ultra-bias proves what the President has been saying about the Fake News Media. Led by The Boston Globe, the newspapers, most of which supported Hillary Clinton in 2016, tried to argue that President Trump is anti-Free Speech. The editorial from The Boston Globe said yesterday, ″Today in the United States we have a president who has created a mantra that members of the media who do not blatantly support the policies of the current U.S. administration are the ″enemy of the people.″″″″ This is a total lie! President Trump has always distinguished that the Fake News Media, those who make up stories and misreport the news, are the enemies of the American People. President Trump supports the First Amendment and Freedom of Speech. He has perhaps the most transparent and open administration in history!




Where was this outrage over White House attacks on the press during the Barack Obama administration? Dozens of reporters were under surveillance. Some had their computers, phones and email addresses hacked by the Obama government. Many were under an actual criminal investigation by the Obama Era Department of Justice. Obama, himself, routinely lied and misled the American People, along with members of his cabinet and administration, but most of the press did little to expose these incidents.


For decades, it has been quite obvious that much of the news media is highly biased against Republicans. About the only ones they give any attention to are those who attack other members of the GOP. For the most part, Republicans, including Republican presidents, have simply ignored or knuckled under such attacks by the press. But President Donald Trump is not your typical politician. His years as a businessman have seen him be a scrappy fighter against those who try to smear him.


Even before taking office, President Trump has given the press more access to him than any other president in American history since WW2. There were times when Barack Obama went for hundreds of days without speaking directly to journalists. Even at some infrequent press conference events, Obama would take very few questions. Of course, some of the questions asked by the biased journalists were total softballs, like, ″What was your most enchanting experience since taking office?″


In contrast, on nearly a daily basis, the Fake News Media attacks President Trump, usually with unsubstantiated stories based on alleged anonymous sources. Many such stories are forced to be retracted within a day or so as The Truth is revealed. Then we have the whole Russian collusion farce, of which there has never been one shred of proof after nearly two years of investigations by both the government and the news media. Yet, practically everyday, the Fake News Media acts like it is real and that some surprise evidence will suddenly materialize like a scene from Perry Mason.


Meanwhile, stories of successes by President Trump are largely ignored, or they try to spin that Obama is really the one behind the good news, like that of our current economic boom. Gains in minority employment is a good example of this. During Obama′s 8 years in office, only some 195,000 new jobs were fulfilled by African-Americans. In 17 months, President Trump′s policies and actions have created over 700,000 new jobs fulfilled by African-American workers. Job creation benefiting Hispanics, Asians and Women have also been far better under Trump than by Obama. Even unemployment levels for those with only, or without, a high school diploma are now at record-low levels!


No, the News Media has done a total disservice to the American People for most of the past 2 years. They are the ones engaging in a war against President Trump, not the other way around. It may only seem like that because, for the first time, we have a President who has the guts and the spine to stand up to these liars and call them out.


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