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McCabe Out At FBI, FISA Memo To Be Released

Andrew McCabe has a new title. He is now the FORMER Deputy Director of the FBI. McCabe got the boot Monday after FBI Director Christopher Wray visited Capitol Hill on Sunday and read the 4-page FISA memo. Wray may have also chatted the situation with DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, too. The New York Times is reporting the Horowitz may have told Wray that McCabe might be a subject of one or more criminal probes. Speaking of that FISA memo, the House Intelligence Committee voted to release it along party lines. The Democrat counter-memo did not pass the mustard for now. Under House rules, President Donald Trump has 5 days to review the memo, but many suspect that he will okay its release, perhaps even today!




Talk about Christmas in January! This is all wonderful news! McCabe has plenty to answer for. He should have recused himself from the Hillary Clinton email probe immediately after his wife got some $600,000 in campaign donations from Clinton allies. He eventually did but only one week before the 2016 election. McCabe is up to his eyeballs in a whole lot of nonsense stemming from both the Hillary and the Trump-Russia probes. There is one rumor floating about that the DOJ IG wants to nail McCabe for ordering FBI field agents to amend their 302 forms. These are sort of action reports agents write out concerning an investigation, including interviews with witnesses and suspects.


As we suspect from those FBI text messages between the two love birds, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, McCabe may have been knee-deep in both the plots to keep Hillary Clinton from facing criminal charges, as well as trying to frame Trump and his campaign team as Russian operatives. One text message exchange clearly details some sort of plan being discussed between Lisa Page and ″Andy″. Page worked as McCabe′s legal advisor before being transferred once IG Horowitz ratted them out. Strzok was also removed from his job on the Mueller probe as a result.


The FISA memo allegedly ′names-names′, including possibly McCabe′s as being behind using the phony dossier from Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS to obtain a surveillance warrant against Team Trump. That dossier was actually just a fictional hit piece bought and paid for by Hillary′s campaign and the DNC. Somebody lied to a federal FISA court judge about its veracity as an authentic piece of intelligence. That somebody may have been McCabe! At the very least, he may have signed off on the ruse.


Under Barack Obama, the law enforcement and intelligence agencies were all turned into political weapons to attack Obama opponents. We can also include the IRS in with this group, as they went after Tea Party, Conservative and religious organizations. The FISA memo is just a short summary of several thousand documents which may show flagrant abuses of power. Some of which may trace right to the Obama White House, perhaps even to Obama himself. Andrew McCabe follows two other FBI management officials, James Baker and James Rybicki, FBI General Counsel and Chief of Staff to the Director, both of whom left the FBI in recent weeks. Strzok, Page and Bruce Ohr of the DOJ have all been demoted and transferred for the time being. Plus, James Comey who was fired last year by President Trump.


Many suspect that Rod Rosenstein, the Assistant Secretary of the Department of Justice, may be next to make a sudden career exit. Some reports allege that it was Rosenstein who renewed and extended the FISA surveillance warrants on Team Trump, even after Trump became President. So hold on to your hats as the FISA memo is released and we start to see the beginning of the end to ′The Swamp′.


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