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Marseille Acid Attack On 4 American Tourists

Following the London ′Tube′ bombing by terrorists in the UK, 4 young American women in their 20s have been attacked in France today. A 41 year-old woman was arrested in Marseille after attacking the 4 American tourists with acid. The incident took place at the Saint Charles train station. All 4 victims have been taken to the hospital, two of them in a state of shock, the other two with facial burns from the acid. Police are releasing few details as of yet. Marseille is a port city in southern France, not all that far from Barcelona, Spain, site of an earlier series of terrorist attacks.




Some news agencies are reporting that this attack is not related to terrorism. The event took place only a few hours ago as of the writing of this article, so information is scant. Under French law, police may withhold details from the press until formal charges are made. However, the timing of this incident certainly raises some potential that it is part of an on-going terror campaign in Europe by radical Islamic extremists.


In the past 48 hours, British police have made two two arrests in connection with the London Tube bombing. One 18 year-old presumed to have been the bomber was detained by police just two weeks ago for suspicious activity. Another man, age 21, was arrested over night as having ties to the first suspect. The London Tube bomb was more fizzle than fury, starting a small fire and causing some noxious gas. However, about 30 people were injured during a stampede to flee from the subway train.


So, while there is no official statement by officials, all we can say currently is that 4 American tourists were attacked in Marseille. The young American women were assaulted by an older woman who was arrested by French police after throwing acid at the tourists. The event took place at the Saint Charles train station in Marseille, a port city in southern France. All four American victims were taken to a hospital, two with acid burns on their faces, the other two in a state of shock.


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