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Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier

Today is the New Hampshire primary.  The 2020 Democrat presidential race is gotten off to a bumpy start.  Last week during the Iowa caucus, a clear winner is still a question mark.  While Pete Buttigieg has been declared the winner, both his and runner-up Bernie Sanders campaigns have requested a recanvas of the results.  Irregularities have been found in some 145 precinct vote tallies.  In many cases, more people cast votes in the 2nd round of the caucus than in the 1st, which should be impossible as the doors were supposed to be locked.  Meanwhile, New Hampshire is proving to be rough going for Joe Biden. During an event, Biden called a 21-year old female student a, "lying dog-faced pony soldier".  Bizarre, eh?  Biden says he was just joking but the young woman isn't buying it.  


Can you image the reaction from The Media had Donald Trump said such a thing?  Megan Kelly would have blood shooting out of her eyes!  Sleepy Joe Biden is turning into Crazy Joe Biden. He's the looney uncle in the attic.  Biden finished in 4th place in Iowa and will be lucky to finish 3rd in New Hampshire.  While Buttigieg and Sanders lead the pack, there is a tight race for the 3rd through 5th place spots.  Mike Bloomberg, who is not even on the ballot, won the early vote in Dixville Knox,  He got 3 write-in votes, one on a Republican ballot, while Sanders and Buttigieg each got one.   Of course, New Hampshire is a strange state.  A recent poll of Democrats in the state show that 64% would rather die from an asteroid strike than live through another 4 years of Trump.

Bloomberg may be facing an asteroid of his own as a recording of a speech he gave in 2015 has surfaced.  Mini-Mike tries to justify his 'Stop & Frisk' policy, and stated that most of the crime takes place in minority neighborhoods.  Bloomy has apologized for his already last year at a Black church in Brooklyn.  But will this derail his efforts to secure Black voter support?  Another campaign imploding is Elizabeth Warren's.  For a while she was doing well in early polls for both Iowa and New Hampshire.  But, she finished 3rd in Iowa, well behind the front runners.  Polls have her in a tight race for 3rd with Biden and Amy Klobuchar nipping at her heels.

But, for now, Joe Biden seems to be the one headed for the trash can after his "pony soldier" remark.  Looks like he thinks that it is okay to tell a woman she has a dog face.  I wonder what Tyrone Power, star of the movie, "Pony Soldier", would have to say about that?  He probably would have taken Biden out to the alley and punch him.  Or at least challenge him to a push-up contest.  Yes, the 2020 Democrat primary season is turning into a fiasco.  We shall see just how much the New Hampshire primary adds to the calculus.

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