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Lawyer Named In FISA Abuse

Late Thursday, the Washington Post reported that a former FBI lawyer was under criminal investigation for modifying a document used to obtain a FISA warrant to surveil Carter Page.  He was a volunteer for a short while working for the 2016 Trump campaign.  Many see this as the origin of the whole Russia probe hoax, alleging that Candidate Trump was colluding with the Russian government.  On Friday, the New York Times named the lawyer, one Kevin Clinesmith.  Right after he participated in the Hillary Clinton email investigation, Clinesmith joined the Trump-Russia probe.  He was later part of the Robert Mueller team.  But in February of 2018, Clinesmith resigned from the Mueller probe.  DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz had questioned Clinesmith and exposed him as having an anti-Trump bias.  Two months ago, he left the FBI due to his political bias, which went so far as to alter information in documents used to obtain the FISA surveillance warrant on Carter Page.

One red flag of the bias of Kevin Clinesmith was a text message sent by Clinesmith immediately after Trump won the 2016 election.  One news report claims that Clinesmith texted, "GD!  My name is all over those docs!"  As if he was worried that there would be repercussions for working on the FISA warrant requests.  So far, these early news reports indicate that whatever Clinesmith did would not have prevented the FBI from getting the warrants.  This may be true, as we know from testimony during the Congressional hearings on the FISA warrants was that the primary 'evidence' in obtaining the warrants was the Christopher Steele document.  

The Horowitz report will be made public on December 9, two days before he will appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee. We learned recently that Prosecutor John Durham, who is investigating the origins of the Russia probe, has become a criminal investigation, complete with the authority to empanel a federal grand jury and develop criminal indictments.  One might hope that we will finally get some justice as those who spied on the Trump campaign, even the Trump White House, are charged with crimes.  But do not hold your breath!

First, we will have to wait two more weeks to find out what Horowitz discovered during his inquiry.  Secondly, if the information leaked to the News Media is true, it may be that only some low level FBI and DOJ employees will be accused of going rouge, without any involvement by department chiefs.  My guess is that Clinesmith will not be alone in being indicted.  Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is being investigated and we will probably also see Peter Strock and Lisa Page squirming, too.  Others like James Comey, John Brennan and James Clapper might get busted on the favorite process crime of lying to investigators.  But, at this point, I doubt if the Big Fish, like Valerie Jarrett or Barack Obama, will be implicated.

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