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Lawrence O'Donnell Meltdown Video

MSNBC host Lawrence O′Donnell had a meltdown on August 29. While recording his show, he went into a wild, angry rage at his production staff. Apparently, there were numerous technical issues causing noises in his earpiece. While this tantrum was edited from being aired, the website Mediate got a hold of a copy of the outtakes. For over 8 minutes, O′Donnell stormed about and cursed his coworkers with foul, abusive language. Larry O is among those Fake News 'journalists' who are always bitching about how President Donald Trump is 'unhinged'.  Look who is unhinged now!  Yet another example of how crazy the Far Left journalists are in this Age of Fake News.



You may watch the Lawrence O′Donnell meltdown video here at You-Tube. If you enjoy watching Liberals acting badly, then you will love this video! Larry O is a real ′pip′ when it comes to being obnoxious. He is a natural at behaving in a condescending manner. Like any Elitist, O′Donnell has no problems venting his frustrations about those inferiors beneath him. This probably explains how Mediate got a hold of the video outtake. Somebody on his staff was offended by O′Donnell′s behavior, perhaps wondering why this hothead deserves being on TV earning big bucks?


Frankly, I cannot think of any reason, either, for why this bozo is on TV. He certainly is not a genuine ′journalist′ by any stretch of imagination. This fool is your typical Elitist ticket-puncher. Working his way up the media food chain, saying the right things and agreeing with the right people. O′Donnell has no substance, no foundation to justify his alleged talent. He is a hack, pure and simple.


So watch the Lawrence O′Donnell meltdown video. It′s worth a good chuckle as we see what this cad is like in real life. Forget any illusions about him being some sympathetic ′Man of the People′. Larry is scary. A bitter, angry, no talent fool. MSNBC should fire him. He never had any true credibility to start with. Now, after Mediate has posted the leaked video outtake from his meltdown, the world knows who Lawrence O′Donnell is. An angry, Elitist bastard!


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