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Las Vegas Shooting Update

The latest casualty figures for the Las Vegas mass shooting Sunday night now stands at 59 dead and some 527 injured. Police found 23 firearms along with ′sniper perches′ in the double-room suite, hotel on the 32 floor of the Mandalay Bay resort used by Stephen Paddock. His home in Mesquite, Nevada had some 19 additional firearms, along with tanerite explosives and electronic devices. His automobile was found to have ammonia nitrate and other chemicals needed to build a bomb. The 64 year old Paddock had no prior criminal record beyond a minor traffic ticket.




Earlier reports about police having detained his live-in girl friend, Marilou Dansley, were erroneous. She, in fact, was out of the country. First report was that she was in the Philippines, then that she was in Tokyo, Japan. Officials are working to question her either in Japan, or to have her return to the United States. So far, there is no indication that she was involved in the planning or execution of the vicious, insane attack by Stephen Paddock.


The Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, have made claims that Paddock recently converted to Islam and carried out the shooting spree in Las Vegas on their behalf. But the FBI and other authorities have so far found no evidence of Paddock working for ISIS, nor any other foreign or domestic terror organization. His younger brother, Eric Paddock, has told authorities and media reporters that his older brother had no political nor religious inclinations.


What we have learned so far is that Stephen Paddock is a former accountant for defense contractor, Lockheed-Martin. That he apparently made a small fortune of several million dollars dabbling in real estate. He owns four homes across America and two aircraft. His pilot license has expired due to not renewing after failing to get an updated medical examination. Stephen Paddock lived as somewhat of a recluse, spending much of his time gambling, mostly on video poker, usually playing the $100 machines.


Eric Paddock claims that when he helped move his brother from a home Stephen owned in Melbourne, Florida, several years ago, the only firearms Stephen owned were a few handguns. Eric said that his older brother was not ′into′ guns. Nor did he have any violent tendencies or outbursts. Divorced twice, Stephen Paddock was said to be on friendly terms with both of his ex-wives. The only unusual thing about him seems to be having a father who was once a bank robber, once on the FBI Most Wanted List, and who was considered to be a psychopath, as well as armed and dangerous.


Stephen Paddock is believed to have attended the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival both this year and last year. He checked into the Mandalay Bay Resort Hotel on September 28, one day before the start of the 3-day country music event. Police found some 10 pieces of luggage in his suite. Given the amount of weapons and ammunition, police believe that he must have made multiple trips back to his home in Mesquite, about 80 miles away, bringing in more gear during the days leading up to Sunday night.


This attack on the music festival was well planned out. Paddock chose the suite as it faces the concert venue from two different angles. He built a sniper perch for each angle, giving him a means to secure his rifles while shooting, making them more accurate. Paddock also positioned small TV cameras in the hallway outside the suite, giving him advanced warning when police would arrive. Authorities are still investigating when and from whom he purchased his weapons, but so far those purchases which have been identified were legal. The ATF is still determining which weapons were fully automatic and how they were modified.


Police believe that there was no way to have prevented the Las Vegas shooting based on the present information. Even if hotels examined luggage, it would have only meant that Stephen paddock would have been restricted to using fewer weapons. There are many sport shooting events in Nevada, including those which require competitors to have military type rifles. So far, nothing on the computers owned by Stephen Paddock have given any clues as to his motivation for committing this atrocity.


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