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Kanye Says Trump Is Fresh And Fly

by Andrew Zarowny, 10/12/2018


Kanye West met with President Donald J. Trump yesterday. Kanye, along with Jim Brown and Candence Owens, had been invited to the White House for lunch to discuss a range of issues, such as criminal justice reforms, ending violence in Chicago, and improving economic conditions in the Black community. Before lunch, they met in the Oval Office with a full ′press spray′, allowing reporters to ask questions. Kanye dominated this period, delivering a 10-minute long, ad-lib speech. He countered his critics who admonish him on his support for President Trump. Of those who say that Trump is a racist, Kanye stated that racism is an ″invisible wall″ which does not intimidate him. On those who poke fun at Trump, such as the cast of Saturday Night Live, Kanye said that we should not belittle the President, adding that Trump is ″the freshest and the flyest″.



Wearing his red MAGA cap, Kanye said that he feels like Superman when he dons it. That he is free to think and say what he wants. Kanye pushed back at Liberals who try to control the Black population. He also echoed Trump′s call for America First and in bringing manufacturing jobs back from overseas. Kanye would like to see a program of tax incentives to help bring industry to the greater Chicago area as a way of curbing crime and violence. Kanye then ended his speech by giving President Trump a full embrace, much like a son would give to his father.


Naturally, critics in the Fake News Media attacked the whole affair. Telling their audiences that Kanye West has a mental illness, they attacked Trump for taking advantage of him. Some on CNN went further, calling Kanye a ″token Negro″. On MSNBC, some just shook their heads in disgust. On social media, critics were even harsher, if you can believe that!


There is no doubt that Kanye West channeled some major ′Dragon Energy′ yesterday, especially when he said that President Trump is on a ″hero′s journey″. What Kanye is doing is scaring the pants off of the Liberals! Some polls have been showing a steady rise in Trump′s approval numbers in both the Black and Hispanic communities. In some cases, pushing 40% or more! Even if these numbers are just half right, this would spell big trouble for the Democrat Party which needs 85% to 90% support from both communities to win elections. If Kanye is the tip of the iceberg, the Democrats are facing a Titanic moment!


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