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Justice For Roger Stone

The Roger Stone sentencing injustice has unleashed yet another firestorm among Democrats and The Media.  Many are calling for Attorney General William Barr to resign or be impeached after 4 federal prosecutors resigned.  At issue are the sentencing guideline suggestions by the prosecutors to Judge Amy Berman Jackson.  The original prosecutors wanted the book thrown at Stone, 7 to 9 years, for his conviction.  AG Barr, some weeks ago, determined that this was far too much, given that Stone had a clean record and there are questions about his arrest and trial.  Barr told the prosecutors over a week ago to recommend a sentence of just 2 to 3 years.  Stone, 67, was caught up in the Mueller probe and the Russia witch hunt.  The arrest of Roger Stone was leaked to CNN, which showed up with cameras when federal agents raided Stone's home at 3am in the morning.


The outrage by the Far-Left Trump haters stems from a tweet on Twitter by President Trump, calling out the injustice to Roger Stone.  Stone and Trump had been close friends up until Trump decided to run for president.  The Trump-haters believe that Barr did not decide to suggest a lower sentence until after the Trump tweet.  Keep in mind that Barr never suggested that Stone serve no time for his sentence.  Only that the punishment fit the alleged crimes.  Most rapists, drug dealers and violent criminals serve less than 4 years in prison.  Stone has already been punished considerably, with his legal defense bankrupting he and his 71 year old deaf wife.  The charges against him are flimsy at best, especially since there has yet to be any proof that WikiLeaks received hacked emails from Russia.  An allegation WikiLeaks continues to deny.

Even the so-called 'witness' that Roger Stone allegedly threatened, intimidated or 'tampered' with claims that he knew Stone's remark was a joke.  All that really remains are charges of lying to investigators, which may not pan out once the FBI 302 forms are scrutinized, and allegedly lying to Congress based on the witch hunt findings.  It also now turns out that the jury fore-person has a very serious anti-Trump bias, so much so that her Twitter account has been scrubbed and that she ran as a Democrat for Congress.  

The reality is that the whole case against Roger Stone is purely political.  Part of the effort to derail the Trump administration, even to overturn the 2016 election results.  We are seeing now that there was much tom-foolery in the prosecution of Michael Flynn, as well as the whole FISA warrants on Carter Page.  Obama era officials at the FBI and DOJ actively worked against then Candidate Donald Trump and anyone within his circle.  None of those who exceeded their authority, nor committed actual federal felonies in going after Trump and his associates, have yet to be indicted and prosecuted.  Barr has agreed to testify before Congress Judiciary committees on March 31 to answer allegations of being influenced by Trump on the Roger Stone sentencing.  

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