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John Brennan Causes Deep State Meltdown

by Andrew Zarowny, 8/21/2018


John Brennan is causing the Deep State to have a meltdown! The ex-CIA Director under Barack Obama is fuming over President Donald Trump revoking his national security clearance. Mind you, he doesn′t need it the courtesy since nobody in the Trump administration wants any advice from Brennan. But Brennan continues to play politics, and badly. So badly that even chronic liar James Clapper, Obama′s Director of National Intelligence, is now trying to distance himself from Brennan, presumably to keep his clearance courtesy. Meanwhile, over at Fake News network, CNN, another former spy-guy from the CIA, Phillip Mudd, had an emotional breakdown on air during an panel discussion. Appearing on a segment during AC360 last Friday, Mudd went totally hostile to Paris Dennard, dropping the S-bomb as he ordered Dennard off the show for suggesting that former government officials only care about monetizing their security clearances for fat pay checks.




Too close to the truth? Mudd′s breakdown and Brennan′s cry-baby tantrums are just the latest examples of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Dennard is correct that many former government workers and officials cash in on their security clearances, landing high-paying, cushy jobs as consultants and executives in the private sector. Corporations that do business with intelligences agencies, or the Defense and State Departments usually hire or contract such people. Even news organizations, like CNN and MSNBC, pay out big bucks for these ex-spies.


Most are allowed to keep their security clearances for a time, upwards of 5 years, as a courtesy. Just in case they are requested to consult with current administration officials on matters they may have insights and experience on. There are some 8 million Americans with such clearances, and about half of them have left government services. I used to work for a company that did business with numerous government agencies, including the military and even White House Communications at the Washington Naval Yard on the Anacostia River. A company with staff holding such security clearances could make millions, if not billions of dollars.


John Brennan was a terrible CIA Director. Under his watch, ISIS went from a rag-tag group of a dozen or so into an organization with some 30,000 fighters and their own currency. Russia went an aggressive tear, invading Crimea, starting an insurgency in Ukraine and meddling in our elections. China likewise went aggressive, building islands in the South China Sea and arming them with weaponry. North Korea and Iran worked feverishly on nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles to carry them. Africa suffered from several civil wars, including some 4 million dead in the Republic of the Congo.


President Donald Trump had nothing to do with any of these crises, yet, Brennan thinks Trump has committed treasonous acts. This is just plain lunacy and a means of deflecting the actual blame away from Brennan and others in the Obama administration. They were the ones responsible for uprisings in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and even Syria, not Trump. Hacking and spying by China, Russia and others increased under Brennan′s term as CIA Director. His legacy is one big, massive stain on American intelligence. His opinion is useless and if anyone should be scrutinized for treason, it should be John Brennan!


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