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John Bolton Manuscript Nothing Burger

Will John Bolton be a witness in the Senate impeachment trial against President Donald Trump?  We may learn the answer to that question later this week.  The New York Times published a story the other day, claiming to have a leaked copy of a rough draft of the John Bolton manuscript.  Bolton has a 'tell-all' book due out in March.  Last month, a copy of the manuscript was submitted to the White House for review, a standard practice to prevent sensitive information on national security to be made paublic.  According to the NY Times article, Bolton allegedly claims that President Trump told him that there was a direct link between aid to Ukraine and political dirt on the Biden family.  However, the article did not have any actual quotes, nor any proof that the information is accurate.  Neither Bolton, his lawyer, nor his publisher verified the alleged passage in the manuscript.


Naturally, this did not stop the Fake News Media, nor Democrats and other Trump haters from jumping all over the story.  The Department of Justice stated that there never was any conversation between John Bolton and Attorney General William Barr, as described in the alleged manuscriptmentioned in the Times article.  The DOJ said that the converstaion was about Turkey and China, not about Ukraine.  Still, some Republican Senators are now more open to taking testimony from Bolton during the impeachment trial.  Prior to this, the call for having witnesses was fading fast.  Some might say the timing of this alleged leak of the alleged manuscript is an alleged 'Hail Mary pass'.

Cooler heads paint another picture.  Yesterday, law professor Alan Dershowitz spoke before the Senate as part of the Trump legal defense team.  He said that even if what Bolton is alleged to have written is true, it still does not rise to the level of a crime meritting impeachment.  Dershowitz laid out a very well documented description of the history of impeachment and the Constitutional requirements for such an action.  He claimed that Trump never abused his power nor obstructed Congress in any way that rises to the level of what the Founding Fathers meant as, "high crimes and misdemeanors".  

Other members of Trump's legal team also scored big points yesterday in their first, full day of the trial.  Ken Starr laid out a very good argument against impeachment, citing the history of impeachment in America.  Pam Bondi went on the attack citing numerous 'Mainstream Press' stories showing that the hiring of Hunter Biden by the Ukrainian gas company, Burisma, was indeed a serious conflict of interest for the Obama administration.  Other members of the Trump defense team further attacked the case presented by the Democrat House managers as full of factual errors and omissions.  They made extensive use of video from House public hearings of witnesses.  

John Bolton was fired as Trump's National Security Advisor due to disagreements.  Bolton was especially upset that President Trump had canceled an airstrike on Iran after they had shotdown a Global Hawk drone.  Bolton is a strident warmonger who has been a supporter of starting a war against Iran.  So one can say that even if he were to be called as a witness, Bolton would be very prejudiced as a disgruntled, former employee.  Whatever he has to say still does not change the essential facts of the impeachment case.  There was no threats or linkage of aid to Ukraine with a corruption investigation in the July 25th phone call with Ukraine's President Zelenskiy.  The aid eventually was released well before the deadline without any investigation.  The Ukrainians did not even know about the delay, which was just one of several nations aid being delayed, until after an article appeared in the Politico.  Even the House Democrat 'star witnesses' all agree that the Trump adminsitration has been far more supportive of Ukraine during their conflict against Russia.  

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