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Jimmy Kimmel Flops, Oscar Ratings Tank

The 2018 Academy Awards was a ratings debacle. Host Jimmy Kimmel once again stunk up the stage with his snarky, politically charged monologue. Oscars 2018 was down some 15.6% from 2017, which had a 22.4 share audience of some 32.9 million television viewers. The actual viewership will not be known till later today, but we already know that the show had only an 18.9 share. In comparison, in 2008, the worst in Oscar history, host Jon Stewart bombed with a 20.8 share and some barely 30.02 million viewers. So, there is a pretty good chance that Jimmy Kimmel will bust that record, another sign of how America is sick of preachy celebrities.


UPDATE 3/6/2018:  Well sports fans, we have a new winner, or loser!  Yes, Jimmy Kimmel set a new record for the WORST, LOWEST viewership!  The numbers are in and ratings were actually down about 19% from 2017, equally only some 26.5 Million TV viewers.  Will ABC and the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences allow Kimmel to host next year's Oscars?  Time will tell...




Despite ABC TV and the Academy hoping for a political-free show, Kimmel started his bashing of President Donald Trump and Republicans almost immediately. Others followed, including a song and dance routine against the National Rifle Association. There was even a pitch for illegal immigrants, mistakenly called ′Dreamers′. Oddly enough, today marks the expiration of the DACA deportation pause, namely thanks to the Democratic Party favoring illegals over legal citizens and immigrants.


I did not watch the Oscars. I stopped watching them years ago. Last night I split between ″Forged In Fire″ and ″The Walking Dead″. For the most part, Hollywood simply no longer produces anything worthwhile watching. The last movie I actually saw in a theater was ″The Hunt For Red October″ way back in the 1980s! After that, I was patient enough to wait for the video of anything new I was inclined to see. These days, with ′On Demand′ and such, Hollywood products are available even quicker. For the most part, modern TV series, like ″The Walking Dead″ or ″Game Of Thrones″, are far superior to any 2-hour flick.


In terms of audience appeal, very few truly popular movies at the box office get nominated for an Oscar. The Academy should consider creating a whole new category for ′Best Super Hero′ movie, cast and such. They rarely have ever nominated any animated, feature films, like those classic ones from Disney, despite their successes. But, the biggest drawback in recent years with nearly every major awards program has been the increasing political nature of them. Hollywood and other entertainment industries are ignoring the reality that a large portion of the population has a Conservative viewpoint, not to forget a Christian one, too!


As long as celebrity entertainers continue to preach their Liberal, godless brand of politics during these award shows, their ratings will continue to tank. Jimmy Kimmel really stunk the stage up by not even being funny, let alone preachy. Some are calling his opening monologue ″joke-less″. None of the hosts in recent years come close to being as funny as Billy Crystal back when he hosted the Oscars. Even Ryan Seacrest got skunked on the Red Carpet thanks to his allegations of sexual harassment. Kimmel also has some dirt on him along those lines of old video from his old ″The Man Show″. Given the #MeToo movement and all of that controversy, it is surprising that ABC allowed Kimmel to host this year.


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