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Jeff Sessions May Fire Andrew McCabe

Attorney General Jeff Sessions may fire former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe today or tomorrow. Sessions received a recommendation to do this from DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz. McCabe has already decided to retire, which officially goes into effect this very Sunday. However, should Sessions decide to act before then, McCabe would lose his pension. The recommendation is the result of an internal probe as to McCabe′s conduct while on the job. He allegedly lied to investigators concerning whether or not he authorized some FBI personnel to leak information to the press. If he did, McCabe would have violated FBI rules, requiring an immediate dismissal, and potentially face felony, criminal charges.




We can assume from the recommendation by Horowitz that he has documented proof that McCabe did indeed give the green light for some FBI employees to leak to the press. We might even assume that some of this documentation may have been in the form of those text messages exchanged between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. Those two love birds were very chatty about what was going on inside their little ′secret society′ of high ranking FBI and DOJ officials. There has also been talk that some other FBI personnel connected to both the Hillary Clinton email and the Trump-Russia probes have been spilling the beans to the Inspector General.


McCabe is leaving the FBI under a thick cloud of controversy. His actions during the past few years, especially since 2015, appear to show many alleged actions, some of which could be defined as felony offenses. He is known to have signed off, approving at least one FISA request based on the Christopher Steele – Fusion GPS dossier. In doing so, McCabe allegedly may have lied to the FISA court judge as presenting the dossier as an authentic and verified piece of intelligence obtained from reliable sources. We know now that it most certainly was not! The dossier was never verified and is hardly a credible piece of intelligence, certainly not enough to base a surveillance warrant on an American citizen.


Speaking of Fusion GPS, a new book, ″Russian Roulette″, by Michael Isikoff and David Corn, has uncovered that the Barack Obama campaign in 2012 also used Fusion GPS to dig up political dirt on Mitt Romney. The Obama campaign even used the law firm Perkins and Coie to hire them, just as the DNC and Hillary Clinton did in 2016. Its a small world, eh? We also learned recently that an advisor to Vice President Joe Biden was romantically involved with an employee at Fusion GPS during the 2016 campaign. That the advisor′s girlfriend was part of the team looking for dirt on then Candidate Donald Trump. This makes one wonder if the Obama White House suggested to the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign to hire Fusion GPS through Perkins and Coie, just as the Obama campaign did in 2012?


Its a tangled web and Andrew McCabe is a central character caught in it. Whether it was his actions in fudging the Hillary email probe, or over playing the dirty dossier in the FISA warrant, or the rest of the Trump-Russia probe, McCabe seems to be heavily involved. During the Obama administration, both Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch allowed many federal officials to abuse their power without any consequences. Jeff Sessions could decide in the next few days to reverse that trend, and begin a new trend of holding people accountable for their actions. My personal opinion is that McCabe does not deserve a pension, he deserves a long prison sentence!


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