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Informant Talking On FBI Secret Society

Hold the presses! Breaking News! During an interview with Bret Baier on Fox News last night, Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) let the cat out of the bag! Or should I say a fully-grown, Bengal Tiger! The Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee told the world that there is an informant talking about a secret society within the FBI and DOJ. Johnson told Baier that according to the informant, at least one meeting was held ″off site″, meaning not at any official FBI or DOJ office. This shocking revelation came up during a question about the reportedly missing 5 months of text messages between FBI employees Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. Johnson said he had received a letter from the Justice Department Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, assuring Johnson that Horowitz had all text messages straight through from mid 2015 till late June 2017.

UPDATE 1/25/2018:  During an interview of "America's Newsroom" Wednesday morning on Fox News, Sen. Ron Johnson said that the informant has been talking with his committee.




YAUZA! Naturally, the Fake News Media is ignoring this story. ABC News did not cover the missing text messages at all last night and both CBS and NBC News spent far less than a minute on it. CNN and MSNBC briefly mentioned it, but spent most of their broadcast day chatting about the ′nothing-burger′ story about how Jeff Sessions had finally had his expected interview by Robert Mueller′s team last week. YAWN. Who cares about that? Does CNN and MSNBC really expect Sessions to spill the beans on anything? The most they might get out of that is another ′process indictment′ about ′lying′ to investigators. More like just forgetting something.


But this revelation about an informant spilling the beans and possibly ′dropping the dime′ on the secret society conspirators within the FBI and DOJ is BIG NEWS! Or as Joe Biden would say, ″a BIG F′g Deal!″ An actual whistle-blower giving evidence, presumably to IG Horowitz, could very well blow the lid off of the whole ball of wax. Naming names and exposing all of those involved in obstructing justice by allowing Hillary Clinton and her staffers to walk away from criminal charges, and for trying to frame President Donald Trump for allegedly colluding with the Russians.


For those of you too young to know, the Watergate Scandal was little more than a 3rd-rate burglary gone bad until John Dean became an informant. After that, a whole bunch of Nixon top staffers were indicted, convicted and sent to prison. Nixon was forced to resign in disgrace. Without Dean′s testimony, most of those in the White House, including Nixon, would probably skated.


Democrats and The Media have been aching for a repeat against the Trump administration. Recall how Joy Behar had an orgasm live on ″The View″ after she announced the ′breaking news′ story from Brian Ross. Ross reported for ABC News that Michael Flynn told the Mueller probe that he had been ordered by then ″Candidate″ Donald Trump to contact the Russian government. However, this ′news′ turned out to be Fake News! Flynn actually told the Mueller probe about how he was ordered to contact the Russians during the post-election transition period. It was actually Jared Kushner who gave Flynn the order, along with K. T. McFarland, as all three made phone calls to several dozen foreign officials to make the usual contacts by an incoming administration. Joy Behar′s dream of Trump going to prison ended quickly.


So, now that the word is out that there is an informer talking to somebody about the FBI and DOJ secret society which has been trying to frame and sabotage President Trump, things are going to start happening. Many of the players in this, like Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and Bruce Ohr, have yet to testify before the various Congressional committees. As more of the text messages and other documents are exposed, and that they now know somebody is squealing on them, they will either plead the 5th or start talking, too, hoping for a deal. I have to wonder if the sudden departure of James Rybicki, who served as Chief of Staff to both James Comey and Christopher Wray, might point the finger at him as being the informant? I also wonder about Lisa Page, the former mistress of Peter Strzok, who may be turning on her old lover rather than face prison. A case of the wrath of a scorned woman! Bruce Ohr might also be the one, fearing jail time for both his wife, Nellie, and himself.


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