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Hurricane Irma Now A Tropical Storm

It′s official! The National Hurricane Center as of 8am EDT this morning has downgraded Hurricane Irma to a tropical storm. Located at the time about 30 miles NNE of Cedar Key, Florida, Irma now has sustained winds of ONLY 70MPH. So, it is still a major storm which will caused much damage as it continues to move NNW at 18MPH. After making landfall near Naples, Florida yesterday afternoon as a Category 3 storm, Irma surprised the meteorologists. Actually, it started surprising them earlier the night before. While raking the northern coast of Cuba, Irma kept going west much longer than the computer models predicted. Thus, Miami was spared a direct hit.




Hurricane Irma still hit the Florida Keys as a Category 4 storm. Key West took the first direct hit. Most residents had fled days before, heeding to mandatory evacuation orders. Irma then finally took a turn north and hit the southwest coast of the Florida peninsula. The storm surge was not as bad as expected initially, thanks to the tide going out as the storm. Also, the direction of the storm′s winds was blowing water away from shore at first. There was still plenty of flooding due to heavy rains and some storm surge as the winds shifted after the eye passed Naples. Irma then surprised the weather experts again by wobbling more easterly, sparing Tampa from a direct hit.


However, Hurricane Irma still did plenty of damage. At last count, nearly 8 Million utility customers are without electrical power. Downed power lines and trees are everywhere, making any vehicle movement hazardous. While Miami was spared a direct hit, the city still was raked by winds gusting at times over 120MPH. Several high-rises under construction suffered when the cranes perched upon them were toppled. After the storm passed, looters headed out to steal what they could as police were busy elsewhere.


Former Hurricane, now Tropical Storm Irma is headed towards Georgia and Alabama according to the National Weather Service. She is then expected to head north into Tennessee and Kentucky. Judging from what I have seen from Irma′s radar track, it looks more to me that she′ll continue north, perhaps even a bit easterly, into South and North Carolina. Georgia and the Carolinas are already getting feeder bands of rain with strong winds. Irma is still a huge storm despite being downgraded, with dangerous winds and heavy rains extending across its width of over 400 miles.


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