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Hurricane Harvey Slams Texas

Hurricane Harvey slammed into Texas as a Category 4 storm last night. It made landfall near Rockport around 10pm Central Time, packing sustained winds of 130 MPH with gusts over 160 MPH. Earlier in the day, the mayor of Rockport had warned those residents whom did not comply with the mandatory evacuation order to write their name and Social Security number on their arms for later identification. Now THAT is COLD! President Donald Trump has already declared Texas a federal disaster zone, expediting aid to the state. Currently, Hurricane Harvey is around Victoria, Texas and has been downgraded to a Category 1 storm. Rain and flooding remain the primary issues. With the ground so soaked, even winds of 40 MPH or less may be enough to uproot trees, causing serious property damage.




As mentioned yesterday, due to a dome of high pressure over New Mexico, Hurricane Harvey may not get very far inland. Some computer models have the storm doubling back to the Gulf of Mexico by Monday or Tuesday, then making a second landfall closer to Houston by Thursday. Houston is already under a flash-flood warning. The 4th largest city in America has a hard enough time with flooding when they get just 1 or 2 inches of rain. Hurricane Harvey could inundate Houston and the surrounding area with 3 to 5 FEET of rain over the next week!


Louisiana is also taking precautions against Hurricane Harvey. Rain bands from the storm have been battering that state′s coast along the Gulf. All oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico have been shutdown and evacuated. Refineries have also been closed, meaning that about half of the nation’s production of gasoline and diesel fuels could be off-line for the next week or longer. Even with the national reserves being tapped during this period, prices are expected to spike. As dawn breaks and conditions permit a review of damage, many fear the worst for the area around Rockport, Texas. Help may take a while in coming as Hurricane Harvey lingers for the next several days.


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