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House Intel Committee Ends Russia Probe

The majority Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee have decided to wrap up the investigative phase of the Russian meddling probe. A 150-page draft report has been written, citing that while Russia may have tried to meddle in the 2016 elections, there was no collusion between the Russian government and the Trump campaign. Furthermore, the members have also determined that contrary to a report by an Obama-era panel of intelligence agencies, the Russians and Vladimir Putin did not favor Donald Trump during the election. Like those 13 Russians recently indicted by Robert Mueller, the Russian meddling was more about disrupting our elections and our system of democracy. A longer report will be written later, which will include ideas for safeguarding future elections.




Needless to say, committee members from the Democratic Party, like Adam Schiff, are not happy about the probe being ended. They think that there is still people to be interviewed and investigated. Really? The House probe has lasted some 14 months, taking testimony from 73 people and reviewing some 300,000 documents. Who or what is left to investigate as far as Trump-Russia collusion goes? I can see investigating the Hillary Clinton campaign along with all of the abuse of power by the FBI, DOJ, and all of the Deep State leaking. But, after 14 months, there has yet to be one shred of evidence connecting anyone from the Trump campaign or transition team to the Russian government.


In fact, as we now know, the Russians were quite active AFTER the election against President Donald Trump. Even organizing both protests and counter-protests which thousands of people attended. So, Adam Schiff and the rest of the Democrats really have nothing to cling to. The Fake News Media is hoping that the Senate probe might still carry on, but the word this morning is that they expect to wrap up their investigation within the next few weeks. Just as in the case of the House probe, the Senate has not turned anything up either.


So, with any luck, Robert Mueller will also end his probe, too, in the near future. He still has Paul Manafort to take to court on unrelated matters, but this whole witch hunt against President Trump is a great, big nothing-burger. A lot of time, ′man-hours′ and money went into this exercise with little to show for it. About the only important lesson out of this, other than how the Barack Obama administration committed crimes on a wholesale level along with Hillary Clinton and the DNC, is that social media companies like Facebook and Google are greedy. They will take money from anyone, even the Russian government, and do not care what sort of ads they sell. Big Digital epitomizes the old Khrushchev curse of selling us the rope we shall hang ourselves with.


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