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Hillary Clinton Takes Blame Game To India

Hillary Clinton has taken her ′What Happened′ blame-game to India. At an event in Mumbai, Hillary complained about those ′Red States′ in ′Middle America′. She says that they are backwards, wanting Blacks to lose rights and women to lose jobs. Hillary told the audience that she won the ′forward′ thinking states. She also attacked white women voters who are too influenced by their bosses, husbands, fathers and sons. Hillary thinks that this explains why a majority of white women voted for President Donald Trump and not her in 2016. You gotta admit, Hillary Clinton has become a raving lunatic, as if she wasn′t one before!




She most certainly was a lunatic well before the 2016 election. Barack Obama beating her in 2008 probably helped pushed her over the edge, though some might question her sanity long before that event. Marrying Bill Clinton and expecting him to remain loyal to her was not exactly a winning idea. Sure, she road his coattails to the White House, where he then humiliated her before the entire nation.


Hillary Clinton always has been the angry, vengeful type. Right from the start of their marriage, while Bill had all of the fun in the world of politics, Hillary had to actually work. Once they get to Washington, Hillary is then denied her big moment in the Sun as her healthcare plan went down in flames. On top of that, many of the early scandals which plagued the Clinton administration were due to her activities. Whitewater, Travel-gate, etc, where all her doing.


I suspect that the Clinton Foundation and the corruption which went along with it was largely hers, too! My guess is that Bill just wanted to continue on with his nationwide sex tour after leaving the White House. Sure, he didn′t mind traveling around and giving speeches, arranging deals and bribes for Hillary′s future political ambitions. But he probably would have been much happier just chasing skirts. Not that I am absolving him of any blame for how he dragged the presidency and nation through the mud. Or for whatever role he played later, right through the 2016 election.


I always have to go back to what Richard Nixon said about his visit back to the White House. The Clintons had invited him back and he spent much of a day with them. Nixon thought Bill Clinton was a nice enough fellow, very friendly and obviously devoted to his daughter, Chelsea. Hillary, on the other hand, struck Nixon as being a very cold and calculating sort of fish. He observed how Chelsea was ignored be Hillary and how Hillary had a thirst for power. Indeed, Nixon said that Hillary actually scared him a bit!


So Hillary Clinton at it again blaming others for why Donald Trump defeated her in 2016. This isn′t the first time she is doing so overseas, either. Before Mumbai, India, she took her blame-game tour to the UK. She is just so whacked out of her mind that one could almost pity her, except for all of the crap she has caused. Hillary bears much responsibility for how divided the nation is as well as for this whole Russia probe that has been a drag on our country. Add to that the deaths and numerous national secrets being leaked she caused. And all of the corruption and bribes she took, too! One can only hope that a day of justice is coming soon.


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