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Hillary Clinton Plot Thickens

The Hillary Clinton plot thickens as more revelations surface. While most of the Fake News Media is ignoring this story, Fox News and a few other news agencies are turning up fresh details. For example, we now know that Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin had a secret deal with the State Department to take personal possession of many of their records. Phone logs, schedules of meetings and even lists of gifts received were removed by Hillary and Huma. What may be still left at the State Department was requested to be sealed permanently, hidden from public scrutiny.




Meanwhile, we are also learning more about the efforts of Peter Strzok and his mistress, Lisa Page, to prevent President Donald Trump from taking office. The FBI finally coughed up to the Senate Homeland Security Committee a complete copy of the James Comey memo. Not only was the phrase, ″gross mishandling″ replaced with ″extremely careless″, presumably by Strzok, but the draft memo was also changed to downplay possible hacking by foreign intelligence agencies of Hillary′s private email server. The phrase ″reasonably likely″ was changed to ″possible″, as well as any references to the intelligence community having concerns.


Another interesting story yet to be fully vetted is that some of those involved in the FBI and Justice Department began using HAM radio equipment to communicate with each other in the late summer of 2016. Stories that Strzok along with Bruce Ohr′s wife, who was working for Fusion GPS at the time, used HAM radio as it was not monitored by the NSA. Earlier this week, we learned that Strzok and his mistress, Lisa Page, who was an FBI attorney, had met with Assistant Director Andrew McCabe and discussed preventing Trump from becoming President. That Page had laid out a plan to ″Andy″, as mentioned in a text message later, and that the plan was to be an ″insurance policy″ should Trump actually win.


So, we have Peter Strzok and others coordinating to help Hillary Clinton not be indicted for the mishandling of classified material while plotting to use the phony Fusion GPS document, paid for by Hillary′s campaign and the DNC, to entrap Trump in allegedly colluding with the Russians. We also have more details on just how far Hillary Clinton went to cover her tracks as Secretary of State. Aside from just smashing hard drives and SIMM cards after they were subject to a subpoena, Hillary and Huma Abedin spirited away other important records of their activity while at the State Department.


In short, ′The Swamp′ is being revealed as being much deeper than previously thought. Add to these new items the probability that many officials appointed by Barack Obama to the intelligence agencies were gathering data and leaking unmasked names of Trump campaign associates in an effort to tie them with the Russians. Yet, hardly a word is said by ′The Media′ about the ties between Bill and Hillary Clinton with the very same Russians in the Uranium One deal. A subject which also involves the likes of James Comey, Robert Mueller and even Rod Rosenstein. ′The Swamp′ is getting mighty murky!


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