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Hillary Clinton, More Email, Benghazi Trouble

While Hillary Clinton tours the country pushing her new book, ″What Happened″, more evidence of what really happened during term as Secretary of State is being learned. Thanks to a Freedom of Information request by Judicial Watch, the State Department released some 1,600 more emails from Hillary. These were apparently still on Huma Abebin′s email account. The emails include more examples of the mishandling of classified material, as well as some ′pay-for-play′ corruption. One email details how Hillary granted a Russian company some special visas and permit waivers. The company then made a donation of some $250,000 to the Clinton Foundation.




Fox News also broke a story this week as two members of a security firm came forward with information about Benghazi. Executives of Troope, which provides security at consulates and embassies, are speaking out. They had lost the bid to protect the Benghazi consulate to a Welsh firm, Blue Mountain. The UK company underbid Troope by 4%. Also, Blue Mountain complied with a State Department request not to allow their personnel to carry firearms.


However, things were getting so bad in Benghazi that after hundreds of requests for better security, the State Department approached Troope. A contract had been given for them to take over security at the Benghazi consulate early in October. But, 12 days after the contract had been given, the consulate was attacked, resulting in the deaths of 4 Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens. The State Department then ordered both Blue Mountain and Troope not to discuss the subject with investigators or the press.


So, Hillary Clinton may find herself in more trouble as another batch of emails from her, as well as new facts about Benghazi have come to light. Her delusional account of her failed presidential campaign is not selling well, either. About the only good news for Hillary is that CNN has determined that she has a rare gift of being able to breathe using one nostril at a time.


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