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Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama Finally Condemn Harvey Weinstein

After 5 long, brutal days, Barack and Michelle Obama, along with Hillary Clinton, have issued statements condemning Harvey Weinstein. The entertainment mogul has now been accused by some 20 women for alleged sexual harassment. Three of the women claim that he raped them. When I wrote about this story two days ago, I said that the allegations would be difficult to prove unless there was some physical evidence. Well, The New Yorker magazine has obtained an audio recording made during a sting operation by the NYPD. The 2015 recording allegedly has Harvey Weinstein attempting to cajole an actress, Ambra Battilana Gutierrez to enter his hotel room and go to the bathroom, presumably to watch him shower. She resists and raises how he had touched her breasts the previous day without her permission, to which Weinstein apparently admits to doing. After several other actresses, such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie, have come forward with stories of their own encounters, Harvey Weinstein′s wife, Marchesa fashion designer Georgina Chapman, has left and is said to be filing for divorce.




This story of abusive power crosses the lines between the worlds of entertainment and politics. Harvey Weinstein has been a major financial donor to numerous Democratic Party candidates, as well as to the DNC itself. He is also among the top 10 donors to Planned Parenthood, a pro-abortion organization. Weinstein has also been speaking out and making contributions to groups supporting gun control and eliminating the Second Amendment. As the sex scandal story broke, Weinstein even tried to deflect his problems by saying he would increase his efforts to fight the National Rifle Association, or NRA.


Instead, Harvey Weinstein finds himself in even more hot water. The company he helped found has fired him and is looking to change their name. His wife has now left him. Even CNN took time this morning to report on this story rather than more Trump bashing. Only MSNBC seems still committed to protecting Weinstein from the public ire. Mind you, all that has been reported are still just allegations which Weinstein denies any wrong doing beyond some minor form of bad behavior. One report had him leaving the United States and flew to Europe on his private jet apparently seeking to find help at some type of rehab facility.  But TMZ now claims that he went to a clinic in Arizona.


The questions remaining in this story, other than are whether any of the allegations are true, is what will be the fallout on Democratic Party politicians to whom Weinstein gave money to? Some claim they will donate the money to various women′s causes. The DNC has stated that they will give back what amounts to about 10% of the money Harvey gave them. Despite their statements, neither the Obamas nor the Clintons have said anything about giving away the contributions they received. Another question to be asked is will there be any blowback on other Hollywood celebrities? Both Matt Damon and Russell Crowe have been implicated in squashing a New York Times story back in 2004 about allegations of sexual harassment against Harvey Weinstein. How many others knew of these allegations and said nothing or also helped keep it out of the public? Time will tell as this story unfolds. Will Ben Affleck be the next celebrity domino to fall? The Daily Beast is reporting that he allegedly was naughty, groping actress Hilarie Burton. The New York Times reports that actress Rose McGowan, one of the first to accuse Harvey Weinstein of allegedly assaulting her, is now accusing Ben Affleck of allegedly knowing about Weinstein.


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