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Gov Coumo Taking, Not Stealing

New York Governor Andrew Coumo doesn't think taking is stealing.  He explained during his daily press conference yesterday that borrowing private property without permission is not stealing.  Coumo said that if he borrows your drill, without your permission, he will use it.  Maybe he'll give it back later.  Maybe he'll give it back when you need your own drill.  If he doesn't give it back, maybe he'll pay for it later at some point.  Maybe he'll buy you a replacement at some point in the future.  Maybe.  Such is his logic for taking ventilators and other medical equipment from private hospitals and companies.


Last week, Gov. Coumo was demanding that the federal government turn over its entire stock of 20,000 ventilators to him.  He said that maybe if other states needed some, he might send them a few.  But President Trump is too smart to fall for that one.  Trump has lent thousands of ventilators to New York State, but he is keeping at least half for other states.  Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who is now part of the White House Coronavirus Response Task Force, explains that the federal government's stockpile of ventilators and other supplies belongs to us, the American People.  Not just for the State of New York.

Andrew Coumo is desperate and greedy.  He was caught flat-footed by the Coronavirus outbreak.  The World Health Organization first sounded an alarm on January 21.  A week later, they began calling it an actual epidemic in China.  Days later, on February 2, President Trump banned all travel from China.  Within days, he added South Korea and Japan, and later, Italy and Europe.  But Coumo and others largely ignored these warnings, even as recently as early March, well after Americans began getting sick and started dying.

Way back in November of 2015, the New York State Health Department published a commission report, warning Governor Coumo that in the event of a serious influenza epidemic, the State of New York would need at least an additional 15,700 ventilators.  But Coumo ignored the report.  Instead, he spent money on solar panels and other frivolous purchases.  He had years to prepare his state for a pandemic.  As did other states.  The federal government did stockpile ventilators and other medical supplies.  After the 9/11 attacks in 2001, FEMA was directed to prepare for a potential terrorist attack which could use radiological or biological weapons.  Billions were spent to stockpile enough supplies to care for a possible 10 million American citizens should two cities were attacked.  

Unfortunately, during the Obama years, much of our stockpile was allocated out for various emergencies both here and abroad.  Obama did not replace the used supplies.  The Trump administration did begin restocking.  This began back in November 2018.  Congress was slow in funding the effort.  Even slower once Democrats retook control of the House.  Now, we face a national emergency.  We are in a mad scramble to catch up.  President Trump has been doing what he can to get us ready for a worse case scenario.  But the Coronavirus pandemic is a 'Black Swan' event unlike any other seen since 1918.  The Spanish Flu killed 50 Million people worldwide.  The Coronavirus may not be as bad, but it is coming close.  It certainly shows just how unprepared the world is for a pandemic, even though many experts have been predicting a potential pandemic.

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