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FNC Host Eboni K. Williams Criticizes Trump, Receives Death Threats

Fox News Channel host Eboni K. Williams has been receiving death threats after she criticizes President Donald Trump′s statements about Charlottesville. This is STUPID!!! If you don′t like what she said then do what I do, stop watching the damn show! Tank their ratings! Frankly, I could barely stand watching ″The Specialists″ at 5pm Eastern as it was, even back when Eric Bolling was on. Every time Katherine ′Kat′ Timpf would open her idiotic mouth, I′d turn to something more worthwhile, like ″Gourmet Holiday″ on QVC. Timpf is almost as big a fool as Dana PeRINO and Greg ′Cuck-feld′. I heard the other day that Timpf almost cried after hearing President Trump′s press remarks on Tuesday, but didn′t because she had on too much make-up. Oh-Boo-Hoo!




Seriously, making death threats is STUPID!!! Just plain STUPID! You idiots who do such things need to get a hobby, a life or a ′chill-pill′. Maybe do us all a favor and off yourselves instead. Set yourselves on fire outside of the News Corp building in protest or something. You are not contributing anything of value by making death threats to TV personalities. Haven′t you figured it out yet? True supporters of President Donald J. Trump do not give a rat′s ass to anything any critic says about him. I certainly do not!


Yes, it would be nice if we had at least one news network we could count on to be honest. Fox News comes about the closest. Tucker Carlson tries his best for the most part. I wonder if You-Tube is removing all of the ″Don′t Cuck The Tuck″ videos posted over there? Of course, we also have Sean Hannity to keep us abreast on ′Real News′. But now, especially after Eric Bolling was unfairly suspended, Fox News has degenerated into just a lighter version of CNN and MSNBC. This has been happening for quite a while, even before The Age of Trump.


Eboni K. Williams has poop either in, or between her ears. I read and heard President Trump′s tweets and statements about Charlottesville. Each and every time he has been very consistent, ″condemning in the strongest terms″ the ″hatred, bigotry and violence″. Maybe Eboni′s grasp of the English language is flawed? Given our education system, that would not surprise me. If you want to criticize her for criticizing President Trump, fine, go right ahead! But making death threats, or other threats of any kind, is just STUPID and WRONG!!! I don′t care what Eboni K. Williams, Kat Timpf or Chucky Krauthammer thinks. They are nothing but asswipes in my book. I think of them and their opinions as much as I do a sheet of toilet paper.


I wish we could focus more on the real villains, like the mayor of Baltimore, who carried out a midnight raid on history. Having four Confederate statues hauled away under the cover of darkness. This was an attack on our national heritage. It implies that America is bad, that we have an evil past which must be expunged. This action was no different than burning books or suspending free speech, free expression. She may as well have closed down every museum, library, school, newspaper and church. Plus blot out all Internet and other communications.


The bottom line here is that if you do not like what some TV personality says or does, then don′t watch them. Boycott the individual, or if you feel strongly enough about it, the whole channel or network. I have said this before and it needs repeating, the best way to protest and maintain moral superiority is to follow the example of Ghandi. The guy brought down the British Empire for crying out loud with non-violence. He made them look bad . We proved to the nation, and the world, last year that we still have the power of the ballot box to bring about a peaceful revolution when we elected President Donald Trump. In doing this, we also proved how irrelevant fools like Eboni K. Williams are. That they have no real power at all. The only power they have is what we give them, so don′t give them any if you don′t like what they say. Its okay to berate them, or make fun of them, but don′t threaten them. They ain′t worth it! And remember, 5′O′Clock hasn′t been the same since Eric Bolling was unfairly suspended.


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