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Flynn FBI Docs Prove Entrapment

New FBI documents released on the Michael Flynn case prove that investigators were out to entrap him.  Among the documents is a handwritten note taken during a meeting between James Comey, Andrew McCabe and Bill Priestap.  The note raises the question of motivation.  "What is our goal?  Truth/Admission or get him to lie so we can prosecute or get him fired?"  Two FBI agents, one of whom was Peter Strozk, went to the White House without notice to interview Flynn about a phone conversation with the Russian ambassador to the United States.  Flynn was on a vacation after the Trump presidential victory and was tapped to be the new National Security Director.  The FBI goal was to entrap Flynn into lying and prosecute him for violation of the Logan Act of 1799.  A law forbidding private citizens from engaging in diplomacy.  No one has ever been prosecuted for this law.  But Flynn was charged for lying to investigators when he could not remember details of the phone call.  Flynn eventually pleaded guilty after going bankrupt, spending some $6 Million dollars for his legal defense and to block threats of the FBI going after his eldest son.


Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan has delayed sentencing Flynn as more documents surface despite earlier claims by the FBI that the documents were either lost or never existed.  But, Attorney General William Barr has pushed for full transparency.  Unlike current FBI Director Christopher Wray, who seems to be covering up the attempts by the FBI under James Comey to derail the Trump administration.  Other documents are set to be released soon, which may lead Judge Sullivan to vacate the guilty plea by Flynn.  If this happens, it is doubtful that Barr would prosecute Flynn.  Indeed, Flynn should be apologized to and his legal expenses paid back.  

These new FBI documents are among the latest which continue to exonerate Trump and those involved in his election in 2016.  Another new report from Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz show that how in 29 randomly selected FISA Court warrants, all 29 were flawed.  This after Horowitz showed that the FISA warrants against Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page deliberately misled the FISA Court judges by the FBI by withholding key information.  Namely that a key piece of evidence, the Christopher Steele dossier, was completely unverified and was a political document paid for by Trump's opponents, the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign.

The probe on Michael Flynn, a highly decorated general, was purely a political attack by Obama-era appointees.  Obama fired Flynn when he was Director of Defense Intelligence after Flynn was critical of Obama's policies concerning the fight against the ISIS terrorist group. The Obama administration allowed the FBI and other federal agencies to spy on members of the Trump campaign in an effort to discover collusion with the Russian government.  There never was any, but, for nearly 3 years, millions of dollars were spent to accuse Trump and his organization of just that.  The effort obstructed the Trump administration on many levels and gave critics in The Media a steady stream of fake news to report.

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