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FISA Report vs Impeachment

The clock ran out for House Democrats Monday.  The FISA abuse report from DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz was made public. Early news stories attempted to downplay its significance.  While Horowitz does fall short of charging that political bias played a major role, a point which Attorney General William Barr and Federal Prosecutor John Durham disagree with, there is still plenty to raise eyebrows.  For example, Horowitz confirms that while the FBI did not plant their own agents as spies inside the Trump campaign, the FBI certainly did use informants to spy on Trump aides and the campaign.  As for the FISA warrant to spy on Carter Page, Horowitz lists 17 omissions and errors in the warrant request.  Horowitz also confirms that the primary basis for requesting the warrant was the 'dirty dossier' from Christopher Steele.  According to Horowitz, that document was completely discredited by January, 2017.  Yet, the FISA warrant continued to be renewed, as James Comey and others failed to inform the FISA court judges that the Steele document was inaccurate and funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

This morning, House Democrats are expected to announce that they will make two charges against President Trump.  They will try to impeach him with the charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.  What a laugh!  Congress does a fine job of obstructing itself.  House Democrats have been abusing power ever since they started down this impeachment path.  More charges may follow once they have been properly approved by Democrat focus groups.  After which House Democrats will stage a rehearsal, much as they did over the weekend for Monday's Judiciary Committee hearing.  The real trick from Monday's impeachment hearing was when one of the Democrat lawyers testifying left the witness table and sat next to Rep. Jerrold Nadler to question the two remaining witnesses.  

The Horowitz FISA abuse report shows that there was a pattern of improper actions by the FBI and DOJ during the 2016 election.  Much of which led to many citizens to be falsely accused of wrong doing.  Carter Page was literally painted as a traitor in the FISA warrant request.  One FBI lawyer, Keith Clinesmith, omitted text from an email which revealed him as a cooperative source for the CIA.  He then fabricated text to make Carter Page look treasonous.  No doubt Page will be suing plenty of people over this.  

On Wednesday, Horowitz will face the Senate Judiciary Committee.  This will be fun to watch.  Unlike the fact-free impeachment hearings to date.  Horowitz will appear, unlike Adam Schiff who skipped out appearing before the House Judiciary Committee.  Schiff did not want to be questioned, especially under oath.  He may get busted on questions about alleged whistleblower.  Speaking of whom, while we still do not know the complete story of what the whistleblower told the Intelligence Community Inspector General, it did slip out yesterday that his version of Trump's phone call with Zelensky was inaccurate.  Which means that this whole impeachment business is based on a false premise, much the same as the whole Russia probe.  


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