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Fire Fauci Fake News

Does President Trump want to fire Dr. Anthony Fauci?  Did Trump disregard expert, medical advice early on to shut the nation down?  If you watch CNN, or read the New York Times, or other members of the Fake News Media, the answer to these questions are, "YES!"  But, as usual, they are WRONG!  During today's White House daily briefing on the Coronavirus pandemic, much of the first hour dealt with the misreporting by so-called journalists.  Even Dr. Fauci declared that he was taken out of context from a very hypothetical question he was asked Sunday morning on CNN.  Trump then showed a quick video directed at the NY Times article claiming that he delayed in implementing advice from medical experts.  Naturally, reporters at the briefing fought back, but to no avail.  The Truth defeated their fake news!


First, let me address the #FireFauci tweet.  So Fauci is asked by Jake Tapper on CNN Sunday morning if starting mitigation earlier would have saved more lives?  Of course, asked such a hypothetical question, Dr. Fauci answers, "Yes!"  Allow me to remind you what we are talking about here.  Mitigation involves avoiding sick people, not coughing or sneezing on others, not touching your eyes, nose or mouth after touching a surface which MIGHT be contaminated, keeping a reasonable distance from others and avoiding crowds.  If one does that all of the time, that person will mitigate the chances of getting sick from practically every possible communicable disease on the planet!   It's a no-brainer!  You do not need a PhD or MD to figure this out.  Yet, somehow, CNN twisted Fauci's answer as evidence that Trump was slow to act against COVID-19.

Then, on Twitter, somebody tweeted a position Fauci took publicly on January 19 that the Wuhan Virus would threaten us much. On March 9, Fauci even said cruise ships were safe! At the end of this woman's tweet was, "#FireFauci".  Trump then retweeted the tweet because it demonstrated that in mid-January, even the 'medical experts' were not worried about a pandemic.  Of course, that position was based on what we were being told by both the Chinese Communist government and their hand-picked cronies from the World Health Organization.  Even on January 20 and 21, both were still claiming that there was no human-to-human transfer of COVID-19.  Despite warnings by others, such as some Chinese doctors and health officials from Taiwan were saying that there was human-to-human transfer in late December.

Next, we have this ridiculous NY Times article, saying that Trump ignored warnings and failed to act early.  Once again, they, the team of 6 so-called journalists, are completely ignoring reality.  Trump began acting so early that the very same idiots in the Fake News Media, and the Democrat Party, were complaining about Trump's actions.  How, shortly after the CDC declared a health risk in the Wuhan/Hubei region in China, Trump ordered intensive screening at 3 US airports on passengers from China in mid-January.  By January 31, he ordered all flights banned and was called, "racist" and "xenophobic" by Democrats and the Fake News Media.

Trump was accused of overreacting when he expanded the travel bans as the crisis expanded in February.  Even though Democrats running cities like New York, San Francisco and New Orleans still allowed crowds and parades throughout February.  Even in early March, many state governors, like Andrew Coumo, were publicly downplaying the Coronavirus outbreak.  Trump started the 15-day national mitigation program due to the advice of his medical experts like Dr.s Fauci and Birx.  Both of whom, by the way, thought that the later hysteria by Gov. Coumo and others about being short of ventilators and beds, were wrong.  

The bottom line is very simple.  We lucked out electing a germaphobe as President!  Trump was long against shaking hands and only really started doing such when he entered politics.  So, he had no second thoughts about taking whatever action was reasonable when needed.  We did not start seeing domestic cases of COVID-19 until early February and those were confined to very few, isolated locations.  Such was the case even until early March.  Mayor De Blasio told New Yorkers to go about their normal routines even while there were just 25 cases of COVID-19 in the Big Apple in early March.  Go to the restaurants and theaters.  Trump did what he did when it was needed.  If anything, he acted far quicker than any other politician anywhere in America.  Trump has been ahead of the curve at every step.  

I have to wonder where was this very same zeal by the Fake News Media to hold a president responsible when Barack Obama said ZERO about the 4 Million people who were slaughtered in the Republic of Congo as tin alloy mines were being fought over for their minerals needed by Big Digital corporations?  Or for the hundreds of thousands who died in Darfur?  Or for taking some 6 months before taking any action when major flu outbreaks happened here?  Thousands of Americans died during those 6 months.  The Media sure didn't blame Obama for any of that death.

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