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FBI Reports Violent Crime Up 2016

While the latest FBI crime statistics show that violent crime increased in 2016, incidents of police shooting Blacks was down considerably, from 259 in 2015 to 233 in 2016. About 71% of such cases showed that those shot by police were carrying a weapon of some sort. This flies in the face of the protests by NFL players and Black Lives Matter. By the way, far more Whites were shot by police, as usual. Meanwhile, homicides among Blacks increased from 7,039 in 2015 to 7881 in 2016. Murders in major cities like Chicago, Atlanta and Baltimore account for much of this increase.



So, as we begin another round of NFL games this weekend, it will be interesting to see if there is a repeat of the ′Take-a-Knee′ protests? Some reports are that owners have instructed their employees to stand during the National Anthem, in hopes of avoiding the blacklash of anger from fans last weekend. The release of the new FBI crime stats for 2016 prove that these protests are baseless. The truth is that there is no rampant shooting of Black men, or really any people, by police. The vast majority of those were done so for justifiable reasons.


Protesting against police shootings by disrespecting the National Anthem, or the America flag, is highly misguided. If you choose to do so, then you should conduct such protests outside police headquarters or at your local city hall. However, the more important crisis facing the Black Community is not police brutality nor race-based profiling. The true crisis is within the Black communities themselves with a laundry list of issues, ranging from drug gangs, domestic violence, failing education systems and a decaying economic base.


President Donald Trump is committed to rooting out drug gangs, like MS-13. A primary reason to build ′The Wall′ along our southern border is to disrupt the flow of drugs, especial heroin, into the country. The Trump administration is also determined to improve education and the economy, which will benefit not only the Black Community, but all American people. As for domestic violence, some of the core reasons of it are related to these previous issues, drugs, education and economics. Beyond those, one must look to morality and the essence of civilization. The ′moral compass′ must be pointed in the right direction, which usually involves good parenting and instruction. We can all use more of these, regardless of race or creed.


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the biggest problem the black community has, is the break down of the family. Single parent families DO NOT WORK. Having babies and not being married does not work. I do not care how offended the left or anyone becomes, raising children is a two person job. that is how the human race is design. Kids run wild when strong adults are not there guiding them. If these so called macho men want to make a difference marry the woman (notice I wrote Woman and not Women) who you produced a child or children with and raise these babies to be good ethical humans. Protesting is easy, lazy and attention getting from the useful idiots. Day to day commitment is hard and exhausting. These NFL guys are a bunch of wimps. Cops go after those who are causing harm, and I am glad they do. that way my family, friends and neighbors a can live our lives without being raped, robbed or killed. Grow up and get to the root of the problem instead of dancing around the offended card which accomplishes nothing but attention and money from George Soros and other communists groups who want to destroy our culture.



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