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FBI Raids Trump Attorney Michael Cohen

File this one under outlandish acts of federal injustice. The FBI conducted a predawn raid on Michael Cohen yesterday. He is the life long friend and personal attorney to now President Donald J. Trump. The U.S. Attorney for Manhattan was referred to investigate Cohen by none other than Special Counsel, Robert Mueller. Cohen is suspected of possible bank and wire fraud, as well as an illegal ′in-kind′ donation to the Trump presidential campaign. So, the FBI raided Cohen′s offices, home and an apartment and seized numerous files. Mind you that Cohen, along with the rest of the Trump organization, Trump′s family, and his White House staff, have been cooperating fully with all investigators, turning over all requested documents, etc.




So, you might ask why did the FBI and Manhattan federal prosecutor feel it necessary to launch a predawn raid on Michael Cohen? The simple answer is ′politics′! This is Robert Mueller sending a signal that he is very serious about trying to end the presidency of Donald Trump. Forget about concepts like justice, or traditions like attorney-client privilege. Mueller is waging outright war on President Trump, taking out whatever pawns and other ′pieces′ from the chess board as Mueller tries to checkmate King Trump.


Now, it may be true that Michael Cohen may have committed some alleged crime. We cannot rule that out. Former Judge Andrew Napolitano said on ″Fox & Friends″ this morning that had Cohen taken out a bank loan to pay the $130,000 to Stormy Daniels and told the bank he was going to use the money for other purposes, then that meets the standard for potential bank fraud. Since Cohen wired that money to an account of a bank in Delaware, that meets the standard for alleged wire fraud. If the Federal Elections Commission rules that the money given to Daniels does constitute an ′in-kind′ donation, that is a crime, too! Though, in most cases, the punishment for such donations to a campaign usually results in just a fine and possibly temporary disbarment.


We recently saw in the UK a British lawyer who lied to investigators for the Russian collusion probe convicted and sentenced to 30 days in jail and a $20,000 fine. A black mark on the lawyer′s profile, but not exactly ′hard time′. A fairly minor slap on the wrist in the big scheme of things. Yet, our friends in the Fake News Media played it up as it was the first actual conviction and sentencing connected with the Robert Mueller probe. If you were watching CNN or MSNBC, you would have thought that the lawyer got life on a rock pile, doing hard labor till his death.


Yesterday′s raid by the FBI on Michael Cohen certainly sends a clear message to President Donald Trump that he should not agree to be personally interviewed by Mueller and his team of witch hunters. He should probably also refuse to answer even written questions, too! My personal opinion is that President Trump needs to put his foot down and say enough is enough! Cease all cooperation with Mueller and refuse any further document requests unless there is a subpoena listing a specific, alleged crime.


For nearly a year, Mueller has been fishing. The FBI and DOJ have been fishing for possible crimes by Trump for well over a year. Thus far, they have come up with nothing of substance. A couple of ′process crimes′ of people allegedly lying to investigators, which has an extremely low threshold of proof when it comes down to handing out indictments. Even if you tell the whole truth, all a prosecutor needs is one other witness or source to contradict the truth to get an indictment.


Meanwhile, the same FBI and DOJ have been slow-walking subpoena-armed requests by Congress for some 1.3 million documents for a year or so, only getting some 7,000 and half of those yesterday. Perhaps Congress should order federal marshals or the Capitol police to conduct a predawn raid on the FBI and DOJ to get those 1.3 million documents? This whole Mueller probe and corruption in the FBI and DOJ management has gotten completely out of control and needs to be stopped immediately!


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