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FBI Admits Failure On Florida School Shooting

FBI Director Christopher Wray admitted that ′The Bureau′ dropped the ball on preventing the latest high school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Not only did the FBI receive a tip last September about Nikolas Cruz, they also got a very specific tip early in January. This recent warning named Cruz and described him as an anti-social, angry teen with guns and plans to shoot up a school. Six weeks later, Cruz transitioned from a killer of rats and chickens to a murderer of 17 human beings. FBI headquarters in Washington never passed the tip information along to its field office in Miami. Florida Governor Rick Scott is now calling for Wray to resign.




But the FBI was not alone in failing to prevent Wednesday′s school shooting. The Broward County Sheriff′s office had some 20 ′service calls′ about Cruz in the past few years. All totaled, with local police, law enforcement had been called about Cruz some 39 times. There had been plenty of chances to do something about Cruz. Including tagging his name so that he could not have purchased 5 firearms in the past year after turning 18. His history of violence and mental issues were well known by authorities on several levels. Yet, Cruz slipped through the cracks of The System.


True, ultimately Cruz, himself, is responsible for what he did. However, the question now is why was he allowed to roam the streets free and put the public in danger? The agencies say they will review how this occurred. But, it is little comfort to the family of the victims. The school district has already decided that the building at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School where the killings took place will be torn down. Students will finish the year attending classes in other buildings and sites.


A wave of copycat threats across the country brought a quick response by authorities. During his address to the nation on Thursday, President Donald Trump said that we need to build a ′Culture of Life′, to change attitudes on a fundamental level. Hard to picture the sanctity of life when so much of our entertainment is built around violence. Movies, TV shows, music and games all seem to glorify killing. It does not help matters when thousands march in the streets wearing pink hats promoting the slaughter of babies.


Naturally, all the Far-Left can do is raise the issue of gun control and blame the NRA. But, the NRA contributes only a small fraction to political campaigns compared to the abortion and entertainment industries. In the case of Nikolas Cruz, existing gun laws could have prevented him from purchasing firearms had authorities dealt with him during his previous violent outbursts. A myriad of inept bureaucrats and Liberal do-gooders prevented effective punishment and restraint. Cruz should have been locked up long before. He exhibited every sign of being a threat to the public and himself.


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