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Facebook Is Censoring My Political Views

Facebook is censoring my political views, AGAIN! I′ve been meaning to write about this for a while, but now seems a good time. Especially with the social media mega-giant embroiled in controversy over how they use the personal information of their users. They think they can do whatever they want for for the last 9 years or so, they have. Facebook only really cares about their own bottom-line and their agenda, which is most definitely very Liberal. Which is why they are censoring me, as I am an America-loving supporter of President Donald J. Trump!




I am kind of use to this treatment. Facebook, as well as Google, have censored me in the past. Between the both of them, they control a substantial amount of Internet traffic, as well as advertising dollars. This latest episode started a few months ago after posting an article about Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. For that article, I included a rather humorous ′meme′ showing her in full ′Pocahontas′ garb.


Normally, when I post an article on Facebook, I just paste the Title of the article and its URL. Facebook′s software then creates a ′preview′, showing the picture associated with the article and the first few lines of my writing. But, ever since my post several months ago on Pocahontas, Facebook stopped using my individual pictures for each article, instead just using a ′default′ image of Mt. Rushmore, which is the primary image on the header of my website,


Fast forward to last week when I posted yet another article about Elizabeth Warren and how she refuses to take a DNA test to prove her claims of having a Native American heritage. One would think that she would want to confirm such if she was truly proud of it? No matter, she refuses. So, after I posted that article, Facebook then increased the level of censorship against me. Now, the ′preview′ not only even include the ′default′ picture, but also does not include any sample of the content. No text is displayed. The preview only has the title, the URL and a box show the name of my website, ″″.


Needless to say, this has caused a dramatic decrease in my web traffic. Not that it matters financially, seeing as how Google also censors me, so I get no advertising money. That started long ago, back in 2011 when I was senior political writer and editor for I was hired by RightPundits back in January, 2010, and by the summer of that year, I was on a roll! My articles were listed nearly everyday on Google News home page. Usually, at least two or three times per week, my articles were listed as a featured article on Google News! The web traffic was pretty decent back then, sometimes topping 250,000 hits per day! The advertising money wasn′t bad, either. My share still amounted to what Nancy Pelosi would call, ″crumbs″, but it covered my expenses, utility bills and kept me in pizza all month.


Then, following the success of the Tea Party revolt in November, 2010, Google went into panic mode. Probably from being blamed by Barack Obama for that political shift. America was suppose to roll over and we were all to become good, little Socialists, as the infamous Time Magazine cover once declared. So, by the Spring of 2011, Google changed their algorithms and their policy on news sites. Google News only would list articles from what they determined to be ′legitimate′ news sources. Ad revenue dropped off and eventually, RightPundits died a slow, agonizing death.


I carried on working for free from August, 2016, determined to keep pumping for Team Trump and stop Crooked Hillary from winning. Well, we won that battle, but in the Spring of 2017, RightPundits ran into other issues due to Wordpress messing with our bandwidth. I finally had enough and decided to start my own website via Bravenet. While I hoped it would eventually become successful enough to attract some advertising money, I was committed to go it alone, I my own, if need be. I enjoy writing and being disabled and essentially retired, I needed something to do to fill my day.


Readership had been steadily growing up until last week. Once Facebook began censoring me, my posts, which I make on my own page as well as a few pro-Trump group pages, traffic fell. On some days its off by as much 80%. I was getting very close to having the ′golden threshold′ of enough daily traffic to solicit some advertising. But, for the past week, thanks to Facebook, that has hit a snag. Mind you, it won′t stop me. Other than my time, its only costing me about $5 a month to carry on the fight for defending President Donald Trump and trashing his opponents. I will shop around for other social media venues to promote my work. But, if Facebook does not get the message soon and reinstate my posts in full, I will ditch them completely.


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