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ESPN Robert Lee Pulled, Political Correctness Police

ESPN has been having trouble lately with the Political Correctness Police. Last week they held a fantasy football player auction which resembled a slave auction. Now they are bowing before the PC cops as ESPN pulls Robert Lee from doing the play-by-play for an upcoming football game featuring the University of Virginia. After the protest about the General Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville, it just seemed too much. ESPN is not alone in bending their knee to the forces of Political Correctness. The University of Southern California is looking to change the name of the white horse which the team′s ′mascot′ Trojan rides from Traveler, the same name as General Lee′s horse.




Now, ESPN claims that it pulled Robert Lee, who is an Asian-American, to avoid any potential trouble, including threats on social media against Lee. Lee doesn′t seem to mind the change. Instead of covering the UVA-Williams and Mary game, he′ll be covering another which is closer to his home in Ohio. The ESPN ′slave auction′ is a bit harder to swallow, given that it went on for hours before somebody realized that it looked unseemly. You would think that somebody would have figured it out even before they started it.



Segments of America are becoming overly sensitive to the PC culture. There is a growing backlash, which I suppose is not a good choice of words, towards the PC police. Take Colin Kaepernick, for example. After he started his campaign of ′bending the knee′ during the national anthem, his days in the NFL were numbered. Aside from the fact that he had a lousy season, attendance to games and TV viewership went way down. Not just for games he was in but across the board.


It always comes down to money, doesn′t it? TV ratings drive advertising fees which determine how much the TV networks pay the NFL team owners to broadcast their games. Owning an NFL franchise is easy money. Even if you have a losing team, you still get an equal share of TV revenue. Such cash helps pay those bloated salaries the overpaid, pampered athletes get.


If Kaepernick really wanted to do something to fight injustice, he could have donated a large portion of his salary to various causes. Even start a foundation himself to focus on some aspect of injustice. Instead, he decided to offend a large number of NFL fans. Some teams lost 25% of their TV viewers. Networks had to payback advertisers due to the bad ratings. With more players mimicking Kaepernick, this season could be even worse. Mind you, there is a large pool of football players out there who would be happy to earn those fat paychecks and stand during the national anthem to cash in. The NFL is going to have to decide whether they want to be a successful business enterprise or face extinction?


Meanwhile, the Political Correctness police are already busy trying to eliminate the national anthem from all sporting events. We are also seeing colleges decide to take down American flags on their campuses. Now, many colleges are busy renaming buildings which bare the names of historical figures whom the PC cops have determined are unworthy. Some colleges have lost student enrollment because of their PC policies.


Political Correctness is a form of Fascism. We have seen this before whether it was Nazi Germany burning books or Mao′s Cultural Revolution. Trying to take down statues, rename buildings and streets, doing away with our flag and national anthem are all signs of a growing tyranny. What will be next? Will old TV shows and movies be banned that some may find offensive? We are already seeing the toy industry being reshaped by the PC police. Even food items are subject to this nonsense! The reason President Donald Trump got elected was because more and more American people have had enough of this stupidity. Steve Bannon is correct in hoping that the Democrats continue to push for more PC culture. The nation has woken up and is tired of it.


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