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Elizabeth Warren DNA Test, Fake-ahontas

by Andrew Zarowny, 10/16/2918


The results are in from a DNA test taken secretly by Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). For years she has been claiming to be of Cherokee descent. Now, it seems that she is less Cherokee than the average White European. The results show that her DNA has a trace of Cherokee of 1 in 1024 parts, about 0.09%. The average American of European descent has about 0.18% DNA. If you expand it to include all possible native people′s blood, including those of Hispanic descent, her DNA results go up to about 1.5%. The Cherokee Nation issued a statement yesterday denouncing her claims.





Still, Fake-ahontas insists that she has Cherokee blood, and wants President Donald Trump to honor is offer of giving a check for $1 Million dollars to a charity of her choosing. Warren is apparently clinging to an old idea about ″one drop″ of blood is enough to connect one with a particular race. In the past, this notion was used to discriminate against, now, today it is often used to proclaim victim-hood.


This silliness comes at a bad time for Democrats with the 2018 midterm elections drawing near. Along with other acts of violence, such as those by Antifa in Portland, Oregon, and stupid remarks by Hillary Clinton about the old fling between her husband Bill and Monica Lewinski, Democrats are losing ground in the polls. Hopes of a Blue Wave winning back both the House and Senate have evaporated since the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation to the Supreme Court. The Senate looks like a lost cause, with Republicans poised to gain at least one or two seats, and possibly as many as 4 or 5. While Democrats may still gain some seats in the House, they may fall short of the needed 23 to win control.


So why did Elizabeth Warren release the results of her DNA test now? From the looks of it, she actually believes that the results prove her claim. Talk about stupid! Hard to say who is more delusional, Warren or Hillary Clinton? Let us just call it a draw and say they are both dimwits!


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