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Donald Trump Wartime President

Donald Trump described himself as a "wartime president" as he announced invoking the Defense Production Act.  This will enable him to command private industry to manufacture strategic goods needed in the fight against them Coronavirus. As the nation's automakers close down automobile production, they are now looking into retooling to produce ventilators and other vital medical equipment and supplies.  The Act also gives Trump other powers to wave red tape and statutes to speed such production.  Trump has also directed the U.S. Navy to ready its two, large hospital ships, the Mercy and the Comfort.  Both vessels are 1,000 bed hospitals with full labs, operating rooms, etc.  There are also plans to convert cruise liners into medical facilities if necessary down the road.


The Trump administration is also pushing forward with a $1Trillion-dollar relief bill.  Half of the money would be issued to American citizens directly.  Most adults would be sent two, $1,000 checks, one in early April, the second in mid-May.  The rest would go to assisting businesses, large and small, suffering from the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.  The latest update news is that the FDA is preparing a major announcement in potential treatments.  Several drugs are showing good results in lessening and fight the disease.  Two of which are drugs used in fighting malaria, chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine.  The latter of which is cheap and has fewer side effects.  Some cases have these drugs speeding recovery of patients within as little as 72 hours.

President Trump's 'whole America response' approach, partnering government with the private sector, does seem to be working.  As promised, drive thru testing has begun in many areas.  New testing methods, involving 'high through put' lab work is one reason why we see the number of confirmed cases rise dramatically.  On the back end, the number of deaths in America now tops 150.  Compared to other countries, like Italy, where the Coronavirus infected later, are having terrible tolls.  Yesterday, Italy reported some 450 deaths in just one day. Iran, Spain and France are approaching similar states.  In the UK, they are v=bracing for a major surge in cases and deaths.  Today, Queen Elizabeth II will leave Buckingham Palace for Windsor Castle weeks early due to the pandemic.

At the White House yesterday, the daily briefing informed the public that a disturbing trend is emerging.  About half of the new cases are people younger than 65 years of age.  In China, most of the cases were of people 65 to 80.  Unfortunately, many younger Americans are ignoring warnings and quarantine practices.  They are still congregating in large crowds rather than avoiding contact wit groups of 10 or less as advised. Another development is that while the average incubation period seems to be 5 to 14 days, there have been cases of people developing symptoms 18 days after exposure to the Coronavirus.  There are also reports of some people getting ill three times after exposure.

While there is still optimism that the 15-day voluntary quarantine may mitigate the Coronavirus pandemic in the United States, some experts say it could be as many as 9 months before we reach peak levels of infection.  The current strategy is to hopefully 'flatten the curve' down to 4 to 8 weeks, followed by declining numbers of new cases.  But this requires 50-75% of the population to adhere to the new restrictions and hygiene practices.  

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