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Donald Trump To Meet Kim Jong Un

Nobody saw this happening! None of the foreign policy experts, not even those in our government. Yet, President Donald J. Trump has agreed to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un before the month of May. Kim has promised to refrain from any further nuclear tests, including firing ballistics missiles. He even will not complain about upcoming joint military exercises between the United States and South Korea. Kim Jong Un says that he is prepared to discuss not just suspending his country′s nuclear weapons program, but ditching it entirely! Can you say, ″WINNING!″?




Yes, only President Donald Trump could pull this off. Even the South Korean officials announcing the meeting gave the credit to President Trump. His hard line on the ′Hermit Kingdom′ with tough sanctions and even tougher military talk has pushed Kim Jong Un into a corner. Some experts say that North Korea is going broke due to the sanctions. That they will run out of foreign cash by October. They are also experiencing shortages of nearly everything they must import, including food, coal and oil.


Mind you, we cannot trust North Korea and especially Kim Jong Un. However, his back is up against a wall and time is on our side. President Trump does indeed deserve a lion′s share of the credit in forcing Kim to come to terms. This is driving The Media crazy! Even CNN and MSNBC had to switch up from non-stop chatter about Stormy Danielle. Some on the networks are even praising President Trump for possibly achieving what no other administration has been able to do. If the talks go well and North Korea does dismantle their nuclear program, President Trump may be a shoe-in for getting a Noble Peace Prize.


This should not come as any surprise to us fans of President Trump. He has been dealing with bullies and thugs all of his life. He knows how to confront them and, as a businessman, knows how to negotiate a deal. Critics often claim that the Trump White House is ′chaotic′, which is wrong. What it really is is a ′busy′ White House. During Barack Obama′s 8 years, the White House was a snooze factory. Obama rarely worked more than 4 or 5 hours a day and hardly held any meetings except with radicals and troublemakers.


President Trump, on the other hand, works a full day and then some! He is busy 12 to 14 hours a day and is always meeting with people who matter. Just take yesterday for example. Not only did he sign his tariffs on steel and aluminum with a group of workers and employers, he also met with executives of the video and computer gaming industry to try and curb the violent content of these games. President Trump sees such games as a cause for why young people are misbehaving, showing little respect for human life.


Then he tops the day off with the late breaking news about North Korea! This is why President Trump has already accomplished some 64% of his campaign promises, more so than any other president. He is a human dynamo of high energy action! Even the many distractions he faces he confronts them quickly and effectively. We know from sources that North Korea was watching TV shows like ″Morning Joe″ on MSNBC to get their take on President Trump. An extremely misguided view at best. For the past year, Kim Jong Un thought he could get away with anything because he thought that President Trump would be impeached or such. But that hasn′t happened, has it?


Instead, they are coming to see the truth, that President Donald Trump is a tough, unstoppable force to contend with. Unlike the last 3 or 4 presidents we have had, the North Koreans have met their match and have no choice but to capitulate. If this goes down the way it looks, I can see Iran being the next one to yield to the power of Trump Fu! Is so, then ′Pax Trump′ is just around the corner with Russia and China cooling their jets and submitting to the will and strength of President Donald J. Trump!


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