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Don Cherry Fired

The iconic analyst for CBC televion's, "Hockey Night In Canada", Don Cherry, was fired today by the CBC and Sportsnet for comments made Saturday night during the live NHL coverage.  Cherry, 85, went political, complaining how "new immigrants" are ungrateful towards members of the Canadian military.  That they show no appreciation for the freedoms others have fought and died for.  He said this having apparently observed very few of "you guys", referring to new immigrants, not wearing poppies.  On Monday, November 11, 2019, Canada celebrates Remembrance Day, honoring its military veterans.  Citizens are encouraged to wear a red poppy, usually on their blouse or suit jacket, to show their respect.  Many nations do likewise, but in Canada it is more special.  The association with poppies comes from  the poem, "In Flanders Field", written during World War One by Canadian medical officer, Lt. Colonel John McCrae.  He wrote the poem, which deas with both the horrors and heroism of The Great War, in 1915 for the funeral of a personal friends, killed during the Battle of Ypres.

Don 'Grapes' Cherry was a staple for all hockey fans through the decades.  He played hockey for 5 seasons and later coached the Boston Bruins during the Bobby Orr era.  Since 1986, Grapes has been a regular on "Hockey Night In Canada", offering his rough and tumble analysis in between game periods during "Coaches Corner".  Don has never been afraid to speak his mind, often blasting European and Russian players who joined the NHL.  His politics are very Conservative, criticizing the lack of Canada's support in the 2003 invasion of Iraq, as well as other issues, including Canada's immigration policies.  Don Cherry has been an outspoken supporter of the armed forces and of its veterans.  

Remembrance Day is very well done in Canada.  I always enjoy watching the proceedings, which are broadcast live by the CBC.  Frankly, I think they do a better job of honoring veterans than our own Veterans Day ceremonies.  One has to keep in mind that World War One truly shaped Canada, molding into an independent nation rather than just a territory of the British Empire.  Much of this came about during the Battle of Vimy Ridge, fought in April of 1917.  Four Canadian divisions fought together as a unit, incorporating many combat innovations.  Each soldier were given maps and time tables for taking objectives.  The Canadian Corps trained extensively for the assault, developing a special, timed way of walking, known as the 'Vimy Glide', designed for troops to advance with a rolling artillery barrage.  The battle ended as a complete success, taking considerable ground from the German armies in a war where victory was measured in feet and yards.  The Canadians advanced several miles, liberating two French towns, and captured nearly 6,000 German soldiers.  Canada lost some 3,600 men with double that wounded.  It is unknown how many Germans were killed or wounded at Vimy Ridge.  However, they did lose some 85,000 overall during the wider offensive for which Vimy Ridge was part of.

Was Don Cherry being fired for his comments about the lack of poppy wearing justified?  One can say that he should not of said such during his segment of the hockey broadcast.  That he is being paid for talking about hockey, not politics nor cultural matters.  In 2004, Don Cherry was named the 7th most important Canadian in that country's history, so he has the clout to express his opinions through other means.  I know I will miss him and his loud fashions.  He is quite the character and his brutal honesty is refreshing.

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