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DOJ To Sue California

The U.S. Department of Justice will be suing the State of California over its ′Sanctuary City′ policies. Attorney General Jeff Sessions made the announcement yesterday during a press conference in Sacramento. This is in response to recent actions by some communities in the Golden State, as well as new state-wide legislation designed to protect illegal aliens. There are at least some 2.5 million illegal aliens in California. Many cities refuse to cooperate with federal law enforcement in regards to turning these illegal aliens. Most recently was the City of Oakland, whose mayor publicly tipped off her illegal residents that the federal agency ICE would be making city-wide raids. Of some 800 illegal aliens targeted by ICE, only about 200 were actually arrested.




Mind you, these 800 illegal aliens were criminals, charged with additional crimes beyond just illegally crossing our border. Some were charged with violent crimes, including rape and felony gun violations. The California state legislature recently passed 10 new laws to prevent local and state authorities from assisting federal agencies dealing with immigration matters. The new laws even make it illegal for businesses and private individuals in California from rendering any cooperation with federal authorities.


The DOJ will sue the State of California over these newly passed laws, and may even start filing charges against local officials, such as the mayor of Oakland, who interfere with federal agencies doing their duty. California vows to fight these lawsuits, but they have little in the way of legal precedence. Courts have ruled time and time again that the federal government is responsible on matters of immigration and border security, not the states nor any local government.


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