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Disaster As Houston Floods

The City of Houston, Texas is facing disaster as it floods. Tropical Storm Harvey is still causing problems days after being a Category 4 hurricane. Harvey has dumped some 11 TRILLION gallons of water in just the past 3 days! Enough water to coat the entire continental 48 states. And Harvey is far from over as a rain maker. Texas and Louisiana can expect rain from Harvey through the weekend. There is growing criticism against Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner who had advised citizens to shelter in place rather than evacuate. Texas Governor Greg Abbott recommended last Thursday that everyone in Hurricane Harvey′s path evacuate. But few did from Houston and Harris County. Now, the area faces a crisis.




Houston is situated in bayou country. Only about 80 feet above sea level, the city is well known to suffer flooding from just milder storms bringing one or two inches of rain. Harvey has dumped over 25 inches since Friday and may add another 25 inches before the storm breaks apart. Already, some sections of the metropolitan area have 6 feet or more of water piling up. Many two-story homes are completely underwater. To make matters worse, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have no choice but to open some dams holding back water from bayous and reservoirs. Neighborhoods with just a few feet of water now are expected to be deluged from this, forcing evacuations.


Much of the rescue efforts thus far are being accomplished with helicopters and boats. Even large trucks used by the military are unable to operate due to the present level of flooding. To further complicate matters, evacuations may be very dangerous now that many roads are not only flooded, but are collapsing. Sinkholes have claimed a number of major avenues in the Houston area. Plus, the water is so deep that stranded vehicles are submerged and pose a danger to boats used by rescuers.


While the Fake News Media, like MSNBC and CNN, try to complain about President Donald Trump not saying enough about victims of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey, the real screw-up is the Democratic Mayor of Houston, Sylvester Turner. By not authorizing the evacuation of even just parts of Houston, he has placed over 4 million people in grave jeopardy. Now, ′First Responders′ must risk their lives to rescue citizens who face death from drowning and other after effects of Harvey. Out of some 56,000 calls to 9-1-1 made over the weekend by people in peril, less than 2,500 were saved.


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