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Day 1 Of Impeachment Trial

Day 1 of the impeachment trial ended Thursday at 2am, Eastern.  The 13-hour session was filled with Senate votes on amendments to the trial rules.  Majority Leader Mitch McConnell did concede to some changes prior to the beginning of the session.  Instead of only giving each side 2 days to complete their 24 hours of argument,they now have 3 days.  McConnell also allowed for the paperwork from the House hearings to be admitted into the record without a reading.  Then Chuck Schumer began submitting amendments to be considered.  Both House managers and Trump's defense team argued on each.  Of the 11 amendments offered, 10 were tabled with strict, party-line votes of 53-47. Only one vote had a Republican defection, Susan Collins of Maine over allowing some briefs entered into the record.  So that one got voted down and tabled, 52-48.  At one point, about 1am Thursday, Chief Justice John Roberts injected himself into the discourse, admonishing both the House managers and defense team for the rhetoric.  Things had gotten nasty as Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff accused Republican Senators of being part of a cover-up.  The leader of the Trump defense team, Whoite House legal counsel Pat Cipollone, called out Nadler by name for this.


In other news, Adam Schiff got popped for lying again, this time for misquoting indicted liar Lev Parnas.  Schiff is no stranger to bending the truth.  He lied plenty of times during the Russian collusion hoax, Schiff started the Ukraine hoax lying about what President Trump said during his phone called with Ukrainian President Zelenskiy on July 25th, 2019.  Recent statements in public by Lev Parnas have also been proved to be false.  Even the Foreign Minister of Ukraine said that Parnas is dishonest.  Yet, House Democrats and their allies in the Fake News Media are banking on Parnas to be their silver bullet to end the Trump presidency.  

I will admit that I did not watch all 13 hours of the proceedings.  Especially the periods when House managers and Chicky Schumer were speaking.  They reminded me of the scene from the movie, "Heartbreak Ridge" when Clint Eastwood was in jail after getting drunk and Mario Peeples joined him in the slammer.  Clint mumbles, "You can beat me, stab me or kill me, just don't BORE me!"  That sums it up pretty much.  This whole exercise is boring.  Our taxpayer dollars are be wasted by House Democrats and are preventing both the House and Senate from doing useful work on behalf of the American people.  

Honestly, one thing we did learn yesterday is that Senate Republicans are not going to allow House Democrats to shame and cajoul them.  Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the dummies told us they had "overwhelming evidence" against President Trump.  Yet, they still want more.  The reality is that they had none to begin with and now they want the Senate to clean up the mess they created.  But, calling additional witnesses and forcing more documents is not going to be any easier by the Senate than by the House of Representatives.  There will still be protracted court cases to secure either.  Some pundits say that Mitch McConnell should have just tossed the impeachment articles back to the House from the start as being inxcomplete and make them do the job they were so suppose to do in the first place.  I agree!

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