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David Meade Says Doomsday Begins September 23

Will a constellation appear in the skies above Jerusalem on September 23, heralding the coming Doomsday? That is what David Meade, a ′special investigator′ claims. The prediction was posted on Meade′s website, PlanetX. He tells the tale of how after this Saturday′s celestial event occurs, the Earth will begin the 7 years of Tribulation starting in October. By the end of this year, we will have numerous storms, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Eventually, the Earth will be smashed by a rogue planet named Nibiru. Of course, NASA has debunked the whole prediction. What else did you expect them to do?




David Meade has made many predictions before. He has written over a dozen books, including a new one about how the ′Deep State′ is attempting a coup against President Donald Trump. Before that, he was predicting an economic collapse should Hillary Clinton have won last year′s election. Well, who can argue against that? His book, ″Planet X: The 2017 Arrival″ is available on Amazon, along with his other titles.


Is it a coincidence that this theory about a rogue planet, Nibiru, crashing into the Earth comes at the same time as the CBS TV series, ″Salvation″? Not only does that series from the ′Big Eye′ network cover a potential doomsday due to an asteroid, but there is even a coup in the White House! The Hillary-like President has been poisoned by Right-Wing White men. Obviously they must be misogynistic, sexist pigs. The sort who oppress women like those of the cast of ″9 To 5″. If all of that were not bad enough, last night′s episode includes the Russians launching nuclear missiles at America. Will Hillary-Lite retaliate and end the world early?


Yes, I know, I′m getting silly here. But the subject opens a wide door for silliness. Who am I to ignore such an easy entry? It is almost as good as Hillary Clinton′s new book where she denies absolution to those women who failed to vote last November because they were too busy texting or checking out men on Tinder. Maybe David Meade has been watching too much Sean Hannity lately? Or, maybe he′s right and this Saturday will mark the beginning of our march towards Doomsday? Who can say?


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