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Confederate Monument In Indiana Vandalized

Another Confederate monument was vandalized this weekend, this time near Indianapolis, Indiana. Police arrested a man who painted a symbol of Communism, a hammer and sickle, on a monument memorializing some 1,600 Confederate soldiers who died as prisoners of war at a Union camp outside of the city. Last week, even a large bust of Abraham Lincoln was vandalized as he is now considered to be a racist by some. More and more politicians are calling for all such statues and monuments to be removed from public display as this latest anti-history frenzy builds momentum. One has to wonder if this policy will include monuments to Black Confederate soldiers, like the one in Vicksburg pictured below, as well?




Anti-history against Black Confederate troops has been going on in the Northern States since the end of the Civil War. The truth is that some 65,000 Blacks enlisted to defend the Confederate States of America. While most joined local and state militias, which had many ′biracial′ regiments, many Black soldiers fought for the Confederacy from the the very beginning. Even at Manassas during the 1st Battle of Bull Run right through campaigns at Fredericksburg, Vicksburg, Gettysburg, Petersburg, and Richmond. Some 1,100 Blacks served in the Confederate Navy, including one Black sailor who served on board the CSS Shenandoah which surrendered in England some six months after Appomattox. They were the last Confederate unit to surrender.


One point of interest may be that unlike those in the Union Army, Black Confederate soldiers were paid the same wage as their White counterparts. In addition to those who wore a uniform, many Blacks worked as laborers, both skilled and unskilled, for the CSA. Just in Virginia alone, about 180,000 Blacks worked as cooks, nurses, engineers, mechanics, carpenters, teamsters, etc. While the Confederate Congress did not officially allow Blacks to serve as soldiers until very late in the war, many did with distinction. White Confederate officers, including generals like Robert E. Lee, were anxious to have as many as possible. Even White enlisted soldiers were usually happy to serve alongside Blacks.


This history is not only overlooked, but even suppressed the victors. It certainly goes against the notion that the American Civil War was merely about slavery. There were other issues that led to the ′War Between the States′, or as some would call it, the ′War for Southern Independence′. Most White Confederate soldiers were not slave owners themselves and were not fighting to preserve slavery. If you′ve seen the Ken Burns documentary, ″The Civil War″, most Confederates fought simply because the Yankees were on their land! If this anti-history movement continues, the true nature of the war will be lost forever. This frenzy is no longer limited to just the Civil War as other historical monuments are being assaulted, such as one to Christopher Columbus in Detroit. As they say, those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.


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