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CHAZ Now CHOP Seattle

Say goodbye to the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, CHAZ.  The 6-7 block area about the Seattle East Police Precinct has changed its name.  Now, it is CHOP Seattle.  Capitol Hill Organized Protest.  An assortment of anarchist and activist groups established this 'cop-free' zone last week after police vacated their precinct building.  The move, ordered by Seattle's mayor, was meant to try to calm things down as protests against police began its 3rd week.  Following the alleged murder of George Floyd while in the custody of Minneapolis police officers, protests began in over 40 cities across America.  In many cities, riots and other violence emerged.  Thousands of businesses were looted and or set on fire.  Clashes have so far resulted in over 800 police being injured with several killed.  Many civilians were injured and murder rates in some cities have spiked as police are distracted.  In Los Angeles, the homicide rate increased some 250% while in Chicago, the protests have led to a 300% increase in crime calls to 9-1-1 hotlines.  Chicago even set a new record for shooting deaths during the protests.


In Seattle, some have described the CHAZ or CHOP protest as being as benign as a street-art fair.  There have been some violent incidents, however.  The response time for police and fire departments to the protest area has tripled.  Officials from the City of Seattle, and those from the State of Washington, appear to be in no hurry to resolve the matter.  Protesters have issued a list of 30 demands, including abolishing police departments, free rent, free college, free food and free healthcare.  Some fear that similar cop-free zone may appear in other cities.  

Somehow, I do not think merely changing the name of the protest zone is going to make much difference.  The underlying problems still exist.  At some point, the party atmosphere will be replaced with a genuine emergency.  One where the professionals trained to respond to such will be delayed, or unable, to act.  At which point, tragedy and death will result.  Then, we shall see what excuse we get from the anarchists and activists when blood stains their hands.

Whatever legitimacy the protests had evaporated when people began being injured and property began being stolen or destroyed.  Due to a lack of common sense by leaders, mostly Democrat mayors and governors, to restore civil order, the protesters, particularly the more violent agitators, have had a free hand in causing chaos and destruction.  Until peace and order are reestablished, nobody knows when things will return to normal.  This is an election year, giving 'The People' a chance to make decisions about how they want to live.  

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