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Charlie Rose, The Naked Time

PBS icon and CBS morning show host, Charlie Rose joins the growing list of those accused of sexual harassment. The Washington Post reported yesterday that 8 women who were former staffers to Rose are now speaking out. The allegations of sexual assault range from the 1990s through 2011. Charlie Rose, now 75, has been dumped by both PBS and CBS. Rose admitted to some sexual misconduct but disputes other accounts of the allegations made against him.




You ″Star Trek″ fans may grasp the meaning of my title. Early in the first season of the original series, Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise became infected by a mysterious disease. Caused by gravitational anomalies, the infected crew members became extremely emotional, often behaving as if they were blind drunk! Of course, one good thing came out of the crisis, Mr. Spock came up with a formula to cold-start the warp drive which caused a time warp, allowing them to time travel.  In the ″Next Generation″ series, Picard′s crew also suffered the similar plague in the episode, ″The Naked Now″.


Unfortunately for Charlie Rose, he cannot blame gravitational anomalies for his behavior. Including walking about buck naked in front of female staff. No, if the allegations are true, Charlie was just a bad boy! Another guy who thought power over others in the workplace allowed him to do whatever he wanted.


Unlike Roy Moore, whom, if allegations against him are true, appears to have reformed and settled down from his youthful, wilder days, guys like Al Franken and Charlie Rose never learned. Another woman is now accusing Franken of groping her at a Minnesota State Fair after he was elected to the U.S. Senate. There goes Franken′s potential excuse of only misbehaving before he was elected. His defenders had already been talking over the weekend about giving him a pass based on that point.


So don′t touch that dial! There are certain to be more allegations against other celebrities and power-brokers. Which is probably a good thing. Just get it all out and face the music. Of course, I am waiting for some guy to accuse a big-named woman of sexually harassing him. Then, and only then, can we have a truly honest and open discussion about male and female interrelationships. Do not doubt for a minute that there are not women chasing men around! In the ′Old Days′ such women used to be called ′Gold Diggers′. Now that many women have achieved fame, power and wealth, they are called ′Cougars′. While there are plenty of men chasing tail, so too are there plenty of women hunting for some hot rod.


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