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California Lockdown For Coronavirus

A California lockdown has been ordered by Governor Gavin Newsom.  Illinois and New York State have also ordered all non-essential employees to stay home effective Sunday at midnight.  These decisions come after the latest Coronavirus update news from Italy.  Over 600 people died in just the past 24 hours.  Spain and France are also showing dramatic increases in the numbers of infected and dead from the COVID-19 virus. Italy, which has about a tenth of the population of the United States, has now surpassed China, as far as we are told, in the number of deaths.  I put that caveat there because it is hard to say what has really happened in China.  What they have admitted to is pretty scary as it is!


Keep in mind that the 'lockdown' is not the same as the next level of response, an actual order to "shelter in place".  Such could require people to remain indoors and not travel at all for a given period of time.  All three states have large populations.  New York has the most confirmed cases, about half of the 17,000-plus cases nationwide.  Californians have been told by Newsom and state health officials that more than half of the 40-plus million residents could contract the Coronavirus before a vaccine is ready 12-18 months from now.  Illinois is fourth or fifth in most confirmed cases after Washington State.  There has also been a spike in cases in Florida this week.

The lockdown is yet another level of containment efforts to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus.  Data from China, South Korea, along with newer information from Italy, and other European nations shows that COVID-19 is at least twice as contagious as most types of flu.  Thanks to the addition of private labs and 'high-thru-put' tests, tens of thousands of Americans are being tested daily.  A major improvement from the 40-60 daily tests by the CDC alone at the beginning of the US outbreak.  So, it is expected that the confirmed case numbers would rise.  

Meanwhile, today's daily White House briefing, President Trump sparred with enemy journalists attempting to foster doom and gloom.  They were critical of Trump's hope filled attitude on the potential of a Coronavirus treatment involving a cocktail of malaria drug Hydroxycholoroquin and Z-pack antibiotics.  Tests in Marseille, France show very promising results in squashing the Coronavirus with a few days.  Trump has stated that he is hopeful and yesterday, the FDA has cleared the red tape to begin clinical testing here.  But the anti-Trump Media are opposed to any positive news.  Trump let the Media know that he is annoyed, even 'disturbed by their lack of faith'.  If only he really had the power of the Dark Side of The Force to choke off their negativity!  LOL!!!

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