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Bruce Ohr, Conduit Between Chris Steele And DOJ

by Andrew Zarowny, 8/12/2018


Rudy Giuliani, part of the legal team for President Donald Trump, says that the Robert Mueller Russia witch hunt is about to implode. New revelations about Bruce Ohr and ex-MI6 agent Christopher Steele may be part of that. Ohr was once the Number 4 person in the Department of Justice. But, after it was learned that his wife Nellie had worked for Fusion GPS as it created opposition research for the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign against Candidate Trump, Bruce Ohr′s standing in the DOJ has been declining. He has been demoted several times now as more and more facts are coming to light. In particular about how he served as a conduit between the DOJ and Christopher Steele.




In case you have been living under a rock for the last two years, allow me to explain all of this. The DNC and the Clinton campaign hired the law firm of Perkins & Coie, which, in turn, hired Fusion GPS back in April of 2016. They, in turn, hired Christopher Steele, known as a former MI6 Russia expert in the UK, to do some opposition research on Candidate Donald Trump. By July, 2016, Steele compiled what has come to be known as the ″Dirty Dossier″, which included some phony dirt on Trump, along with some dirt on a Trump campaign worker, Carter Page. A month later, Fusion GPS hired Nellie Ohr as part of the anti-Trump team.


The Steele dossier began being peddled about Washington DC, including to the FBI, State Department, CIA and various news media organizations. The FBI was requested by former Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), to look into the Steele dossier, as it hinted that there were direct ties between businessman Donald Trump and the Russia government. One of the more wild hints was an alleged episode about how Trump had been in Moscow for a Miss Universe pageant, which he used to known, and hired a group of Russian prostitutes to urinate on a hotel bed once used by Barack and Michelle Obama.


Nothing in the Steele dossier has ever been verified as actually have happened, Yet, it was used by the FBI and DOJ to obtain a FISA warrant to conduct electronic surveillance on Carter Page. It also served as an excuse for all sorts of other nonsense, such as attempts to infiltrate informants into the Trump campaign and unmask Trump associates and campaign workers from NSA incidental intercepts of foreign communications. The latest news about Christopher Steele is that, thanks to a FIOA request by Judicial Watch, we now know that the FBI had been paying Steele monthly checks as an undercover informant from January, 2016 right through November! Seven months before the Trump-Russia probe officially started by the FBI and 2 months after the FBI allegedly dismissed Steele due to him being considered unreliable as a confidential source.


Between more FIOA requests by Judicial Watch and subpoena requests from various House and Senate committees, we now have additional proof that there was considerable communications between Bruce Ohr and Christopher Steele throughout the latter half of 2016, including after he was allegedly dismissed by the FBI. More requests are in the pipeline to determine the full extent and details of these communications. But, it would be safe to assume that Bruce Ohr was forwarding information from Steele, and probably from Fusion GPS via his wife, to DOJ and FBI investigators. Even after Steele had been discredited as a reliable, confidential source.


The Robert Mueller witch hunt is solely based on the Steele dossier, as were the FISA warrants and all of their extensions. If the Steele dossier is worthless as a reliable, credible source, then everything it started is rubbish, too! The fact that Steele was being employed long before the official Russia probe began adds credence to the notion that the FBI and other agencies were trying to incriminate the Trump campaign with phoney ties to Russia for months before Trump was even the GOP nominee. An activity totally off-base since it was well known that there were major issues of collusion between the Hillary Clinton campaign and foreign entities, including the Russians!


Even when we look deeper into the Paul Manafort trial, we see major problems for the Robert Mueller team. The matters he is being charged on happened more than a dozen years ago, long before any contact with Donald Trump. In addition, the DOJ at the time decided not to pursue any criminal proceedings, even on tax issues. Normally, all of the charges which have been brought against Manafort, if pursued, would result in some minor fines and at most 13 months in prison. But Mueller is looking to put Paul Manafort away for 300 YEARS! Mueller′s star witness, Peter Gates, has admitted on the stand that he not only embezzled money from Manafort, but lied to prosecutors. Even one accountant testified that while she thought some tax filings were troubling, she submitted the paperwork anyway.


Who can blame her? Our tax code is so massive and convoluted that anybody could get popped for some tax law violation. It is said that even 100 IRS agents would give 100 different assessments of somebody′s tax returns. The judge in the Manafort trial is pretty irritated with Mueller′s prosecutors. Another Mueller case against the Russian firm Concord Management is not going well either as the Mueller team is trying to delay a trial as much as possible. When Mueller named them in an indictment, his team never thought they would ever have to go through an actual trial in a courtroom against them. But, the Russians called their bluff and Mueller′s team is scrambling to respond.


It is time for Robert Mueller to fold up his tent and go back to his cushy, high-paying, private practice. He is only making a fool of himself and causing nothing but harm to the American political and judicial systems. Which is precisely what Vladimir Putin wants! One can argue that Mueller is colluding with Russia far more than anybody connected to Donald Trump ever did. Especially the President, himself!


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