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Brian Williams Math Failure

You've heard of fake news, how about fake math?  MSNBC host, Brian Williams, is a math failure.  As is New York Times reporter Mara Gay, and the production staff at MSNBC.  How else can you explain the HUGE math mistake?  Williams, an admitted liar, was discussing a tweet on Twitter with Ms. Gay Thursday night.  The tweet was from Merika Rivas, a fashion writer and editor for Refinery29 and a contributing writer for the Washington Post.  Ms. Rivas tweeted that the low-ball estimate of Mike Bloomberg spending some $500 Million dollars means that he could have given each of the 315 Million Americans the sum of $1 Million dollars.  Now, you would think that just looking at what Rivas wrote would have made her rethink her tweet.  Simple division would show that the actual amount spent per person was just one dollar and change.


Beyond that error, one would think that Brian Williams, or Mara Gay, or somebody on the MSNBC production staff might have noticed the flawed mathematics.  But, nobody did!  That is, nobody but the rest of the civilized world.  Cancelling out the Million, 500 divided by 315 equal just under $1.59.  So how Rivas, Williams, Gay and the entire MSNBC production staff missed that and decided to report that the number was $1 Million per U.S. citizen is rather shocking.

The Far-Left Media always likes to attack President Trump for being anti-science.  Here they go and show that they are anti-math.  Since math and science are inseparable, it is quite obvious that the Fake News Media are incapable of understanding either math or science.  Of course, journalism is one of the easiest subjects taught in colleges and universities.  Along with Education majors, journalism majors are typically the lowest scoring students on SAT tests.  So, why should the rest of us take anything these bozos have to say as the truth?

Brian Williams is a dolt.  Not long ago, he was suspended after telling a bald-faced lie about his career experiences.  NBC transferred him to MSNBC when he was returned to the airwaves.  As we all know, MSNBC is practically one big watering hole for liars, morons and fools.  Between idiotic show hosts and even dumber guests and contributors, MSNBC is a sewer for falsehoods and hyperbole.  If the rest of the news industry had any integrity, MSNBC would be a laughing stock.  However, as the vast majority of the industry is in the same boat of telling lies, this shameless incident is just one more knot in a countless string of non-truths.

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