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Bloomberg Insults Farmers

Last week, recordings of Mike Bloomberg insulting Blacks and Hispanics emerged.  Now, video of Bloomberg insulting farmers has popped up.  Who will Mini-Mike trash next?  Could this be why he is considering to team up with Hillary Clinton as his running mate?  So they can insult Americans together?  It would seem so.  Meanwhile, the Washington Post has dug up more stories about women Bloomberg insulted at his corporation.  Seems that Mini-Mike is not a fan of pregnancy.  Too many of his female workers are getting pregnant, taking time off from their jobs.  He is alleged to have told one such lady to kill her infant before it is born.  Bloomberg also doesn't think much of babies in general.  He allegedly said that babies only eat and poop and are of no value for anything else.  So, Bloomberg apparently hates Blacks, Hispanics, farmers, mothers and babies.  Oh, yes, he hates President Trump, too!


I suppose that is why Democrats are all too eaager to allow Mike Bloomberg to buy his way to the White House.  Simply because he hates Trump.  It doesn't bother Democrats that he is pereverting the entire election process, thinking that he is above it all.  Above the People, the Voters.  Rarely have we seen such an outright elitist in politics.  Some one so out of touch with Real America.  Bloomberg even commits the haneous crime of putting ice in his beer!  Though I doubt if he drinks beer very often.  Not when he can afford champagne.

Bloomberg knows better than us Little People.  In the latest video, he explains that all farmers need know is how to dig a hole, put a seed in the hole, then cover with dirt and add water.  Up pops a stalk of corn!  Too bad Bloomberg didn't have a drum and fife playing while he explained the role of the American farmer to society.  That might have made the insult more palatable.  But, alas, he hadn't thought of such.  His handlers and advisors failed him, once again.  

Well paid they are!  Bloomberg has spent some $417 Million dollars so far in his run for the White House.  Ten times more than Bernie Sanders.  Mini-Mike is saturating the airways with his campaign ads.  Bombarding America with lies and deceptions.  He is also working on blanketing the Internet, too.  Bloomberg has hired a small army of social media posters to fill Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with his propaganda.  Most of his 2,000-plus strong campaign team are earning $10,000 a month or more, along with getting free housing, laptops and smartphones.  All paid for through November, even if he doesn't buy his wat to the DNC nomination.

As Joe Biden sinks in the polls, Democrats are looking at Bloomberg to save them from Bernie Sanders and President Trump.  More are joining the Bloomberg bandwagon, endorsing his purchase of the presidency.  Dinosaurs of The Media are also joining in.  Sam Donaldson and Katie Couric have endorsed Bloomberg.  Oddly enough, the two so-called journalists, do not seem bothered that Bloomberg's owm news agency is censoring itself from reporting on their boss.  So much for journalistic ethics.  

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