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Bill O'Reilly Visits Sean Hannity On Fox News

The former king of prime-time cable news, Bill O′Reilly, returned to Fox News last night as a guest with Sean Hannity. Hannity began his new time slot at 9pm Eastern on Monday interviewing Steve Bannon, smashing Rachel Maddow of MSNBC by more than 660,000 viewers, grabbing the Number One position in TV ratings away from her. Bill O′Reilly appeared on Tuesday night, pushing his new book, ″Killing England″ about the American Revolutionary War. Bill and Sean covered a wide range of topics, including the NFL-National Anthem issue, as well as the extreme Liberal bias of The Media.



Bill O′Reilly was in good spirits and had plenty to say. Sean Hannity gave Bill plenty of time, three extended segments, to discuss matters. Bill′s reaction to the NFL ′take-a-knee′ controversy was to berate the players for not understanding what they were really doing. How the American flag and our National Anthem are symbols of freedom, which many in the past, and many still today, suffered and sacrificed for. Bill was especially upset about the players who played in London, on foreign soil, disrespecting the flag and anthem while standing for the British anthem. How this is effecting our troops stationed abroad, including in war zones, who may have tuned in for a bit of relief and instead were insulted by these pampered millionaires.


Naturally, Bill and Sean talked about the Far-Left Media and how this is a major battlefield in the Culture Wars. That the move to silence Conservative, patriotic voices is part of a larger scheme to attack history, religion and culture, and eventually, dismantle our Constitution. Bill pointed out how on the same day his new book was released, the Texas School Board met to discuss renaming schools named after our Founding Fathers. How George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and even Ben Franklin, all three portrayed on the cover of his book, are being attacked by the Far-Left, blamed for spawning America as an evil nation.


We also learned that both Bill O′Reilly and Sean Hannity were threatened by Media Matters before appearing live on TV. That Media Matters is being funded by some ′Big Money′ scoundrels, perhaps including George Soros, to watch and record any words which can be used against Hannity and O′Reilly. O′Reilly had been forced off the air by a massive campaign causing many sponsors to pull their advertising from his former show on Fox News. The same groups also tried the same on Hannity, too, but Sean fought back hard to stay on the air. Bill lamented that he wishes he had done the same.


Of course, much of this latest round of attacks by the Far Left is focused on President Donald Trump and those who elected and support him. The vicious and unrelenting attacks against Trump by The Media have gone far beyond anything they have done before against other Republican presidents. Again, this is part of their overall scheme to destroy the Constitution and Capitalism and replace our way of life with Socialism.


It was nice seeing Bill O′Reilly and Sean Hannity together again on Fox News. Bill promised to return as a guest on Hannity′s show, now airing at 9pm Eastern. For the past few months, Rachel Maddow at MSNBC has led the time slot and prime time coverage overall. But Sean′s move to 9pm has toppled her, not only in general TV ratings, but also with the much coveted 25-54 year old demographic which advertisers thrive upon. More changes are coming as Dr. Laura Ingraham is set to take over the 10pm slot left vacant by Hannity.


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