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Bernie Sanders Wins Nevada Caucus

Senator Bernie Sanders wins the Nevada caucus.  And by a decisive margin, too!  With only about 50% of the votes tallied, Sanders leads the pack of Democrat presidential candidates.  So far, he has more than 47%, compared to 19% for Joe Biden, 15% for Pete Buttigieg, and 10% for Elizabeth Warren.  Sanders did well across the demographic board, earning nearly two-thirds of the youth vote, half of the 30-45 vote, 27% of Blacks and more than half of Hispanic voters.  Nevada was a good test state for Bernie Sanders due to its more diverse demographics.  Many pundits have complained that Iowa and New Hampshire were 'too White' to be an indicator of national trends.  With South Carolina just a week away and the March 3rd Super Tuesday contest after that, Bernie winning in Nevada may be enough to catapult him as being the undisputed front runner in the Democrat primaries.  The Sanders campaign may wind up with enough of a delegate lead to make him unstoppable.


If Bernie Sanders does well enough in the next 10 days or so, the DNC may really start to panic.  Joe Biden has thus far shown himself to be lacking the support he needed to win the DNC presidential nomination.  Pete Buttigieg is still only a marginal player, with little name recognition.  Even those who have heard of him still don't know how to pronounce his name correctly.  The entry of Michael Bloomberg has been all splash and cash with no delegates so far.  Elizabeth Warren and the rest of the contenders have yet to resonate with voters.  Bernie has a large, devoted, national following, committed to his success.  This could set up a general election battle of Socialism versus Capitalism with Sanders tangling with President Donald Trump.

The implications are that not only could Trump win reelection in a landslide, but also drag GOP victories down-ballot in Trump's wake.  A second term for Trump could be one where he has the House of Representatives back in Republican hands, plus possibly adding 2 or 3 more Senate seats, too.  What could also happen is not only huge GOP wins such as in 1984 or 1972, but the Democrat Party being transformed as the GOP was in 1964 with a major loss.  They have been trending more Socialist for decades, but Sanders could drag the DNC completely off the cliff, changing it years to come.  It may be generations before the Democrats could field a 'Moderate' candidate again.

Republicans are energized!  More than 740 candidates have filed to run for Congress.  Trumpism, an America First, pro-growth, anti-Deep State attitude is sweeping the GOP.  The Republican Party could become the dominate political party, a Middle Class, blue collar party.  This is exactly what former Trump campaign strategist Steve Bannon wanted.  Turning the GOP into a force to rule the nation for next 50 years!  Enough time to undo the past 70 years of Progressive politics.  Completely redefining society from our education and court systems.  Even transforming our entertainment industry back into a pro-America, pro-Capitalism position.  

If so, then the 2020 elections will be even more historic than 2016.  A reality which is scaring the hell out of Liberals.  Yes, The Dream is just a few months away!  Sanders is not the only one doing better with minorities.  So too is President Trump.  As the 'Woke Movement' is shrinking the Democrats, the Republican Party, under President Donald John Trump, is actually expanding its base.  A November showdown between Sanders and Trump will be the perfect storm to accomplish this lofty goal.  A second Trump term would seal the deal, closing the door on the Far Left.

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